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Web Profiles

Compassionate Documentarian
Sarah Leen ( is a photographer whose sweeping images combine a sense of place with a poet's vision. This can be...

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The Darkroom

Knowing how to use a "brush" in Photoshop is critical to being able to do very much of anything in this great digital application. Photoshop ships with hundreds of different, ready-made, brushes. Each one of them can then be further customized to meet...

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The Blend

Why do it? Why join the technologies, film and digital, and go to work in the digital darkroom by scanning your 4x5 negatives into your computer?

Because you can. And because it's fun to...

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Talking Pictures


Enjoying the writing of poetry as well as the craft of photography, I wrote the following poem to accompany this picture of my...

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Student Union


Manatee Community College
Bradenton, Florida

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Spot Meter Roundup

For the record, I use TTL (Through The Lens) metering and automatic modes quite often. Many of my subjects, birds on the wing for instance, are just too flighty to allow for thoughtful metering. But, give me a rustic barn, an...

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Six Kinds Of Contrast

"Contrast" means a surprising number of things in photography: at least six. Made to do so many jobs, it is not surprising that confusion reigns, plenty of contrast is a Good Thing in some...

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Shoot High-Speed Films At The Beach?

I love doing sessions at the beach. But I also have very strict rules about what I do, when I do it, and how much income I expect to derive from it. This is because I only do one beach session...

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Picture This!

Picture This! - Our Next Assignment


The convergence of sky, water, and land always makes for great photo...

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Phase One's "Capture One DSLR"

One of the watershed products in the ongoing digital revolution is the Canon EOS-1Ds. Its 11 million pixel full frame CMOS sensor, rugged weatherproof body, and stunning image quality has...