XP Innovations’ LiteShaper; Customizable Light Modifiers Page 2

Next up, I tested using the panels as "barn doors." As with parabolic lights (remember those?), the barn doors are used to contain the light direction and keep it from striking unwanted areas. Using the small softbox, I lit Duquette in a seated floor pose. The small box itself dropped the light off pretty dramatically (#7) but I knew we could add drama and precision by using some LiteShapers as barn doors. By adding a couple of them to the light side closest to the background, I "barn doored off" the light striking the chair so your attention stays focused on the model (#8).



One last experiment with the LiteShapers. I took some more shots of Duquette with the small softbox for a control image (#9), then made a little "snoot" light by covering all but the center of the box with the panels (#10). Notice the much more dramatic background since no light from the snoot is striking it. Again, your personal taste dictates your favorite rendition. LiteShapers merely give you more choices.



LiteShapers give the professional lighting technician tools to work with that used to be available only with standard reflectors and parabolic light sources. They're lightweight, bendable, virtually indestructible, and don't require an instruction book or a weeklong class to learn how to use them. Just get yourself some and start practicing!

The LiteShaper comes in two sizes (24x32, set of four, and 36x48) and three colors (Black/Silver, Black/White, and Black/Soft Gold) at this time. The LiteShapers are manufactured by both Chimera (www.chimeralighting.com) and Westcott (www.fjwestcott.com) so the price varies accordingly. The estimated street price for the 24x32 set starts at $139.95, and starts at $159.95 for the 36x48 set.

For further information, contact XP Innovations, Inc., 1716 Lake Shore Dr., Ft. Worth, TX 76103; phone/fax: (817) 534-9737; www.liteshaper.com.