Which Famous Photographer Are You? Good Day And Welcome To Year Nine Page 2

Stella Hernandez's photography and site are alive, vibrant, and colorful. Designed by Miguel Endara (www.miguelendara.com), her website turns the notion of what a typical photographer's website should be on its head, reflecting the dynamic personality of Hernandez--you'll quickly figure that out from her homepage comments--and the energetic images that populate it. Click on either of the two collections that were present the last time I visited and prepare to be amazed. Right away the site itself begins doing gymnastics with the sole purpose of displaying Hernandez's clever and sometimes quirky images of people. These are more than portraits, although you could certainly call them lifestyle portraiture. They reflect a young photographer's fearless quest to represent her clients and friends as they are, but with a sense of humor and above all style. What is most impressive in these color and monochrome images of young people, musicians, and the occasional concert photograph is that here is a young woman who knows what she is doing technically and aesthetically at all times, and who seems to be having a great deal of fun while doing it. This sense of fun is quickly transferred to the viewer who will be delighted by the portraits showcased on her site. If the spectacular photographs on this site are any example of what's to come, I expect big things from Hernandez; she is certainly one of this century's future photographic stars.

© 2008, Stella Hernandez, All Rights Reserved

On the splash page of his minimalist website, Michael Wilson ponders this question: "Who in the world would visit and why and aren't there better things for all of us to be doing with our time?" My answer would be anybody who wonders about what's going on in the field of contemporary monochrome portraiture. His images are collected into five different "boxes" of pictures that reflect the oh-so-analog feel of the site design. The boxes contain images of musicians, many of whom you may have heard about, including Lyle Lovett and a wonderfully dynamic portrait of Mary Chapin Carpenter. Not all his portraits are of country musicians; you'll also find a pensive Philip Glass and rocker-turned-film composer Danny Elfman that are all captured with the kind of old-school craftsmanship that seems to have disappeared from the skill set of many of today's photographers. There's nothing old-fashioned, however, in his approach to capturing the essence of these individuals. As I write this all of the images currently appearing on the site were shot on film, although Wilson tells me he's "ordered a digital camera body but have not yet begun to shoot digitally." I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

© 2008, Michael Wilson, All Rights Reserved