We’re Giving Away Photo Gear on Shutterbug.com!

Yes, I’m sure that headline got your attention but it’s not merely “click bait.” We really are giving away heaps of photo gear to readers in our brand new sweepstakes campaign!

What does it cost to enter? Why, nothing of course. This is a classic weekly sweepstakes and the winner is picked at random.

It’s a new feature on Shutterbug.com and we started by giving away an awesome Tamron zoom lens (valued at $630) and then we gave away a $350 gift certificate to WhiteWall’s amazing online photo lab.

We recently gave away a fabulous Nikon lens: the AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR, which has an MSRP of $529.95. Click here to read about the Nikon lens sweepstakes.

Now we're giving away a $350 camera bag from Ikigai and there will be more product sweepstakes every week. So keep checking Shutterbug.com: each week’s sweepstakes will appear at the top of the homepage and you’ll have another chance to win some great photo gear.

Speaking of great photo gear, with the holiday season upon us, there’s been lots of new stuff. In case you missed some of our coverage of what’s been announced, here’s a rundown (with links) of the top new gear introductions in the last month.

• Leica introduced the new Leica M (Typ 262) digital rangefinder camera.

• Tenba unveiled its new Cooper luxury camera bag line.

• Canon introduced two new pro-level compact HD camcorders.

• MacPhun teamed up with photographer Trey Ratcliff to announce the new Aurora HDR photo software.

• Panasonic is set to start offering innovative new “Post Focus” technology in its Lumix cameras.

And finally, if you just can’t get enough gear in your life, you’ve GOT to see this amazing image of a Russian cosmonaut floating in space with a boatload of Nikon gear.

gilcole's picture

I could really use the lens.

msdamico's picture

I'm always looking for a new lens.

Clemens Roether's picture

Have two jobs waiting for this lens, it's a perfect match for my other two Nikkors.

PhilsImaging's picture

I could sure use a new Nikon lens. I don't have many lenses, so anyone would be a nice addition.

CaseyLouisePhotography's picture

Good luck to everyone.

Dan Havlik's picture

Folks - You can't enter the sweepstakes on this page. You must enter on the Nikon sweepstakes page at this link: http://www.shutterbug.com/content/shutterbugcom-nikon-af-s-dx-micro-nikkor-85mm-lens-sweepstakes#Z0JRzQU5Pjg09P3Z.97

rhoward51's picture

Fantastic giveaway.
My son would love this lens!

Baden-Powell's picture

A perfect lens for my Df

JJBX's picture

This lens would be nice for close up shots of vintage railroad hardware for documentation and restoration purposes.