ToughTech Duo

The ToughTech Duo is a high performance RAID portable storage system works with two 2.5" notebook drives or solid state drives to back-up and store data. Designed for professional photographers and digital media users while on location or in the studio, ToughTech Duo has a small footprint (3.5” x 6.26” x 1.34” or 89mm x 159mm x 34mm). ToughTech Duo guards against data loss by writing the same information in real-time to both drives. It also saves from costly system downtime as the system can continue to run while the ToughTech Duo restores data on the hard drive.

The ToughTech Duo has front-accessibility with removable trays to swap drives and a smart LCD menu to monitor drive health and to configure RAID mode. ToughTech Duo boasts a passive thermal design using all-aluminum material for optimal heat dissipation, which requires no fans thus making the unit ultra quiet. Connecting to any host computer via FireWire 800/400, USB 2.0 and eSATA provides flexibility, while the eSATA interface option offers the fastest transfer rates. ToughTech Duo also supports bus power with an included FireWire cable. Shipping with a multi-country compatible AC power supply makes international use very convenient. A standard Kensington security slot is integrated for a lock to prevent theft. Unique trays make swapping drives easy and safe without tools. This is beneficial when ejecting a drive to send to a colleague or when replacing both drives to access a 2nd RAID set. Alternatively, secure the drives with provided screws in extreme environments where additional stability is needed. ToughTech Duo was designed for easy access - swapping drives will not void the warranty.

ToughTech Duo is available through CRU resellers starting at $499.00 SRP.