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Modulus Speed Set

At the heart of the assortment is the Modulus Speed Set. It's a lightweight modular system that allows you to position various pouches and containers along a waistbelt. They can be attached loosely so that they can be shifted around your waist while in use, or locked securely in one place as the mood strikes you. This makes it easy to have just the right item at your fingertips. It also makes it easier to keep the equipment load balanced and thereby avoid backaches.

The basic Modulus Speed Set consists of six pieces and will comfortably tote two or three lenses plus a flash and handheld meter. The set includes a Pro Speed Belt (the heart of the system) plus a pair of lens cases, a very novel tethered memory card case, and two multi-compartment bags (one small and one large). Like the majority of Think Tank products, each piece includes a seam-sealed raincover. Street price is $149 for the six-piece set. A larger configuration is available as a set if you need more pockets, or you can choose from a wide assortment of compatible accessories à la carte.

Speed Demon

Designed specifically for digital SLRs, this innovative waistpack is loaded with pockets--including one that's just the right size to hold a reporter's notebook. The waistbelt is extra wide for extra comfort and is compatible with other Modulus components. It's compact--about 10.5x7x7.5"--but it holds a surprising amount of gear. A Pixel Pocket Rocket memory card holder and raincover are included. Street price is $95.

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