Tether Tools Workflow Integration Tools

Tether Tools offers photographers and filmmakers added functionality for integrating Apple iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, Macs, PCs and SmartPhones into the photo workflow.

New products include:
• The Look Lock - The Look Lock is the first product designed by Tether Tools to assist photographers working with kids and pets. It keeps the attention of easily distracted subjects by camera-mounting a SmartPhone to play videos and images to captivate the subject. The Look Lock's universal SmartPhone clip and articulating arm combination positions the SmartPhone device in the right place and at the perfect angle, for every shoot.

• Tether Pro USB 3.0 Cables & Active Extensions - Nikon D800 users looking to tether to their laptops at distances of up to 80 feet can rest assured with TetherPro's new cables, active extensions and Inline JerkStoppers. These devices ensure you'll capture every shot - fast! The USB 3.0 SuperSpeed power is remarkable and the High Vis Orange Color adds extra protection for both camera and computer along the entire length of the cable.

• Rock Solid Articulating Arms, Clamps and Grips - Small devices, including flashes, remote controls, light meters, iPads, smartphones and more, are essential to photo shoots, yet haven't always been so easy to mount. Rock Solid's lightweight articulating arms and Mini Pro Clamp are designed to provide modular mounting options for essential photography gear. *Tether Tools is debuting the entire line of Rock Solid devices at PhotoPlus.


photo_guy's picture

iCandy seems to be better, because it mounts to the bottom versus the hot shoe. I hate to take up my hot shoe with something like this. www.needicandy.com

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Tether tools had everything covered. Since technology is fast evolving, they are too. it was such a good idea to integrate other gadgets into a camera. And paying video for the kids is such a good idea. Seriously, where was this when I was a kid?

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