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I met Regis Lefebure, a contributing artist to sister publication Automobile, a few years ago at an American Le Mans Series race at Monterey. After seeing examples of his photography you'll agree that he is the finest motorsports photographer in the world. Lefebure's work is collected into nine galleries, two of which ("In Print 1" and "In Print 2") feature tear sheets, one of them non-automotive, demonstrating he is more than a "car photographer" as is obvious from the powerful architectural, travel, and portrait images found in the "People" gallery. If there's any common ground it's that Lefebure is a master of the technical aspects of picture making but he's also someone who knows how to communicate visually by making simple, powerful statements with impact.

But hey, don't miss the cars. "Audi R10 Le Mans" is a great place to start since this 24-hour event is a microcosm of racing events throughout the world. Lefebure's imagery captures the drama of the cars driving from night to day but he never forgets that it's people who make it all work so he makes sure you see the crew in action. Some of these photographs, like the last one in this series, are so powerful, so graphic they become works of art. Gear heads and others who appreciate the craft of photography shouldn't miss the four Motorsports collections that are packed full of images that will forever change the way you think about automobile photography. Lefebure's site is powered by liveBooks ( and I'm using their services to produce a new version of my own automobile photography (I ain't no Lefebure, folks) site that I hope to launch here next month.

© 2008, Regis Lefebure, All Rights Reserved
Discovery Channel fans are gonna love this site. Corey Arnold is a photographer and Alaskan crab fisherman who actually appeared on Season 2 of "Deadliest Catch." The four collections in his Fishing portfolio show that getting any images at all under these kinds of dangerous conditions is amazing, but getting the kind of extraordinary images Arnold does is simply amazing. We've all seen photographs of "men at work" but you've never seen photographs like those in "Bering Sea Crabbing I." His use of wide angle lenses lets you know he's close to the action, showing men who risk their lives so you and I can eat crab legs. His dynamic photography captures human beings working in a cold, cold climate, feeding seals, falling asleep from exhaustion at the dinner table, or sitting atop a king-sized pile of king crabs.

The "Lofoten" collection contains fishing and picturesque images of these Norwegian islands that I'd never heard about but have their own website ( that is itself worth a visit. Don't miss his "Human Animals" portfolio featuring humans as animals and animals acting like humans, especially the hysterically funny raccoon photograph. If you are offended by a certain obscene hand gesture, you might want to skip this collection, but if you can accept it within the intended humorous context, just keep on clicking and smiling. Similarly, "Animal Humans" is full of fun, although I'm betting anthropologists will find it more illuminating than the rest of us. You've never seen a site with images like Arnold's. As I was finishing this, he told me he was going to change the design; I just hope he keeps all the images just the way they are.

© 2008, Corey Arnold, All Rights Reserved