Rosco Litepad Loop

LitePad Loop, Rosco’s new ring light, provides soft, diffused lighting that is so much in demand from photographers, cinematographers and videographers. The light engine within the Loop is Rosco LitePad, which is well known for its flattering, indirect light output. (LitePad fixtures are widely used in film and video production because of this quality.)

The ingenious, two-part design of the LitePad Loop allows for quick and easy attachment to the camera while its soft, diffused light is ideal for close up photography – the mode for which ring lights were designed. It works with virtually any camera or lens system, including film, video and DSLR cameras.

The LitePad. Loop is just over 9 inches in diameter with a 4.4 inch center hole. Its housing is manufactured in a durable, shatter resistant plastic. The LitePad inside the Loop has LEDs on both the inside and outside perimeters of the “O” shape, allowing for maximum brightness. LitePad Loop can be dimmed using either the Rosco Single Fader Dimmer] or the 2 CH/DMX Dimmer.

The Mounting Assembly is based on the industry standard 15mm rod support system. This makes the Mounting Assembly very sturdy, as well as adaptable to equipment users might already own. The Mounting Assembly allows the Loop to travel backwards and forwards, as well as vertically, in order to position the camera lens in the center of the ring light.

The most innovative aspect of the LitePad Loop is how it attaches to the camera. On the back of the Loop is a set of high powered magnets that allow the user to quickly attach and detach the Loop from the mounting assembly.

Rosco’sLitePad Loop is available at most camera stores catering to professional shooters, as well as film and video lighting outlets. For details, got to Rosco’s web site at