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While not as ambitious, Digipower (division of Mizco International) is moving up the track at a fast pace with their DPS-Q15 15-minute charger (supplied with four AA cells, $39) and 2500 mAh AA Ni-MH batteries ($15). More interesting, perhaps, for those of us on the go, are the ACD-100 universal digital camera AC adapter (with auto 110/120 switching) and the DP-AA1 universal auto/air adapter, which plugs into any standard 12v DC jack--travel case included, respectively $39 and $69.

Sakar Supersonic

UNiROSS appeared to set their sights not on speed but on portability, with the Pocket Globe Trotter ($20), a smaller version of a charging kit introduced previously. Microprocessor control lets you charge AA and AAA batteries without overcharging, and built-in fail safes protect against damage when using non-compatible cells, such as alkaline. Works with Ni-MH and NiCd cells, one to four at a time, charging in 4.5 hours. Travel plug adapters and two batteries included. They also introduced the Sprint CR-V3 and Sprint CR-123 charger kits--both li ion.

GP Batteries picked up the pace a bit with their 2500 mAh Ni-MH cells, and a 30-minute charger. They also introduced a CR-V3 charger and battery.

UniROSS Globe Trotter

And moving up fast was Delkin, coming in with a 2500 mAh Ni-MH AA eight-pack (with weatherproof battery tote), plus accessory 90-minute charger, adding an RCR-123A (CR-123A replacement) li ion battery with charger to give them an energy boost.

Delkin 2500

The final entry in this race is RTS Inc. RTS has been named US distributor for Hahnel li ion rechargeable batteries and chargers. Built-in IC safety circuits limit maximum output voltage in the batteries, which are compatible with all chargers, and protect against deep discharge, short circuits, and overload. The new MCL 103 Hahnel li ion charger can be used worldwide, and takes less than 70 minutes to fully charge an 800 mAh battery.

Hahnel MCL 103

Manufacturers/Distributors' addresses can be found on page 176.