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How To Prepare Your Chosen Portfolio Images
You can use your favorite album-type program like ACDSee or Photoshop Album to select the images you want to show. Next, create a folder on your hard drive and copy all the files to it. Re-size the images to at least 640x480. You want to produce images that display well on the camera's LCD monitor, but won't take up much memory card space, so you may need to experiment a bit. You can also add captions as images. I found that using 48 point white Arial type on a 640x480 black canvas in Photoshop makes nice, readable title pages. Finally, drag the entire folder of images onto the current image screen in TVwriter. All your processed images will then be numbered consecutively in the output path folder, ready to be transferred to your memory card.

The Casio EXILIM EX-Z55 is one of a growing number of very small hand-size cameras that makes it convenient to take a camera everywhere you go.

Showing Your Portfolio
Once the tweaked images have been transferred to your camera's memory card you are ready to show them to family, friends, or potential clients. You can run a slide show on your camera's LCD, or if your camera has a video output, show your work on a nearby television set. The quality can be remarkable on a 2.5" LCD like the one on the Casio. I actually made a print sale in a grocery store the first day I had copied a selection of my fine art images to a memory card I carry with my Casio EXILIM EX-Z55 camera. Thanks to TVwriter I was able to quickly show a portfolio to a person who had expressed interest in my photography, and closed the deal on the spot.

TVwriter is a Windows-only program, and it is downloadable from David Taylor's website:
www.david-taylor.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/software/imaging.html. Not all camera formats are supported, so download the trial version and test it with your own equipment. There is a partial list of cameras that have been tested on the site, if yours isn't listed but works, contact Taylor and let him know so it can be added to the list. The trial software is fully functional, but brands images with Taylor's name. When you pay the (approximately) $39 registration fee your images will no longer have the branding added to them.

Larry Berman and Chris Maher are photographers, writers, and web designers specializing in image-intensive photography sites. For more information visit their websites, www.BermanGraphics.com and www.DreamsOfTheGoddess.com.