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PicturePerfit is an aptly named product that assists you in easily positioning the picture hanger on the wall behind your new framed picture. Versions are available for use with both sawtooth- and wire suspension-hanging systems. A self-stick guide easily fastens to the wall behind the picture, and then stays there temporarily after you remove the picture to nail the hanger to the wall. To make this task even simpler for lots of pictures the PerfitGuide Alignment device slips over the top of the picture frame. A broad range of hooks for different types of walls, and for pictures ranging in weight from 10-100 lbs, are offered. The Alignment device lists for $20 and the individual packs of hangers are $4.

Pioneer Photo Albums

The Pioneer Photo Albums line now includes a tabletop photo box that will hold 120 4x6" or 5x7" prints in transparent, archival-quality page sleeves. Suede covers are now available for these storage boxes.

TAP Bella

TAP has been manufacturing custom presentation and merchandising products for the photographic industry for over 100 years. Recently they began marketing products in three lines: TAP Professional, TAP Photo, and TAP Custom. All three offer both traditional and digital-oriented presentation products for professionals and an expanding group of amateur offerings. Items in TAP Photo are packaged in smaller quantities of five or 10 that are available in camera stores. TAP Custom supplies book producers with photo book and album covers. TAP Professional is a consolidation of Flora, Topflight, and Premira albums. New colors are offered in the Superior Mount album, with a cover that accepts an imprint similar to branding.

Pressure-sensitive adhesive holds the print in position. Bella albums are now available in 11x14" and 12x12" sizes; these handsome albums are library-bound and have handcrafted quality. They feature slip-in loading and, since no mattes are needed, they are ideal for digital images.

Umbra Empire wrap corner frame

Umbra has some of the most interesting, innovative, and eye-catching frames and albums I've ever seen. New items were the Empire wrap corner frame, consisting of 12 frames of various sizes that wrap around two outside sides of a wall corner. The Mosh is an irregular grouping of different sizes of 12 frames, some of which overlap. The Doodle Book Frame is an easel-backed frame having a dozen or more overlay sheets around the edge that can be customized by the user, then torn off and redrawn when the mood or picture content changes. The Empire wrap sells for $90.

Umbra Doodle Book offers a variety of products onto which they can imprint photos. One easel-backed frame, available in pink or green, gives an interesting 3D effect around the print. There are 16 different frame design patterns and an 8x10" print runs $30. frames

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