Please comment briefly on your thoughts on video and still combination D-SLR cameras.

Please comment briefly on your thoughts on video and still combination D-SLR cameras.
Yes, I really like the convenience of having video in my D-SLR.
17% (52 votes)
No, I could care less about video in my still camera.
67% (203 votes)
Maybe, but price and overall performance features would be more important to me.
16% (47 votes)
Total votes: 302

Lawrence Beasley's picture

Having said no I have two (Canon 5D MkII and Canon T1i) The performance of either falls short of even a poor quality(small sensor-cheapie lens)movie camera. Maybe an occassion will occur when one is pressed into service as a movie camera but it hasn't happened yet.

Pete Ramondetta's picture

It all started with the ability to shoot a short little video on a P&S, and that was kind of a neat feature. Then cell phones had that capability as well - which is ok. However, I believe that Nikon, Canon, et al, added this to their DSLR's just to get to the segment of the consumer market that likes that sort of thing. I suppose it was a good marketing idea. But being a professional videographer as well as a photographer, I believe that on a pro level (and for the staunch purist photographer out there) I'd rather keep the two formats separate.

Bob Sutton's picture

I have a Canon 5D Mark II and really like the video feature. And, with the firmware update just announced (6/1/09) it will be even more useful.

Jessica B.'s picture

I am thankful that my camera has a video feature. I can take photos and video easily using the same camera.

Donnie G.'s picture

I shoot weddings. I have long wanted to be able to offer my customers short video clips along with their still images when they order DVDs or other multi-media capable products, but I simply refused to carry a camcorder in addition to my cameras. Camcorders that also shot stills never lived up to the hype, in large part due to the much smaller imaging chips used in them. Now cameras, with their huge chip, that can produce 3, 5, 10 minutes or more of live action video clips just makes a lot more sense. My next DSLR upgrade will have this feature. It's a done deal.