Please comment briefly on your RAW file processing experience.

Please comment briefly on your RAW file processing experience.
Stick with the manufacturer software.
16% (22 votes)
Use Aperture, Lightroom, ACR or other third-party software.
77% (108 votes)
Don't shoot RAW, so it doesn't apply.
8% (11 votes)
Total votes: 141

Jim's picture

Lightroom's RAW conversion is incredibly easy.

Dale Hazard's picture

Manufacturer software only lets you take the processing to a limited point whereas third party gives you unlimited control and possibilities.

Ray Brown's picture

Adobe always does a good job for me, therefore I never use the camera software.

Gordon Cottrell's picture

I use ACR with Photoshop CS3, I've tried Nikon's raw converter - it was very slow and cumbersome even on a 3 ghz "Pentium D".

Les Greer's picture

I use ACR. It seems that I have more tools available.

Joe Konz's picture

So far, I've been doing my Canon RAW file edits in Photoshop Elements 7. On the plus side, I like Photoshop's facility of ease. Also, I'm accustomed to it and I can go through my primary edits quite quickly. On the down side, I don't like the fact that PE7 (and all Photoshop programs, for that matter) is useless for RAW files shot with new camera models whose Camera RAW code was created after the Elements manufacture date. With my 7D, I have to convert all my RAW files to DNG format in order to edit them in Photoshop. But then ... I don't like Canon's DPP -- it's too limiting and cumbersome. It was hard for me to follow when I tried it.

Al Currie's picture

Use ColorChecker Passport to color correct so need to use DNG to create profile, then LightRoom to apply profile. Great color. I could never get it that close.

cena's picture

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