Please comment briefly on your experience with and/or need for custom White Balance tools and techniques.

Please comment briefly on your experience with and/or need for custom White Balance tools and techniques.
I just leave the camera on Auto White Balance because it does a fine job most of the time.
17% (29 votes)
I use an Auto White Balance accessory and Custom set White Balance regularly.
39% (69 votes)
I shoot all my images in Raw format and process for fine control of White Balance then.
44% (77 votes)
Total votes: 175

Pat Lopez's picture

If you set AWB and then shoot in RAW, you have ultimate flexibility. Ussualy AWB is good enough. When I need to get it just right, I have the option to process the RAW image with either the camera's image software or ADOBE. Thus getting the exact right setting when I shoot is not necessary.

jwilliam's picture

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Steve's picture

I currently shoot both jpg and raw. If the white balance needs to be adjusted I can do it to the raw image.

Fred N.'s picture

This something that usually helps, but not always. Some indoor lighting is hard to identify.

Jim L.'s picture

Even though I shoot in RAW format, I still try to use the expo disc as much as possible. I'd rather capture the photo correctly in camera then have to do it post production.

Roslyn Pulitzer's picture

I would prefer the ability to custom set my white balance prior to taking the photo.

Angela A.  Stanton's picture

I do use custom white balance sometimes even with Raw format; sometimes it just looks better that way.

Chris Dove's picture

I experiment with white balance in different situations. Sometimes I find that setting the white balance to a cloudy setting works better for the majority of my shots. It seems to reproduce better exposures than using the one you would think should be used.

Mel Reimer's picture

For the most part, and especially if I'm shooting in RAW, I choose the White Balance myself. It usually makes the enhancement easier and better later.

Dave Shaffer's picture

I use a gray scale card if I am shooting art work or in the studio. Otherwise, I use the pre-sets (but hardly ever Auto.

Andrew Countryman's picture

I normally change my white instesad of using auto white balance.

John's picture

I do only landscape. White balance to me is a tool to fine tune the effect I'm looking for. Can only do that by "feel" in post processing.

Dale Hazard's picture

Auto white balance is fine for me in mostly all average lighting situations. The only time I do a custom white balance is when I'm in a tricky or mixed color temperature situation. Sometimes the other settings that are built into the camera i.e. daylight, shade, tungsten, still don't really do the job properly and a custom white balance is necessary. And even if all else fails, shooting in RAW gives me the option to fix it in post. I don't always have time to do a custom white balance in every lighting condition, especially during the rush and hustle & bustle of a wedding day.

Charles Dingman's picture

I use a diffuser most often, and sometimes a white/gray/black reference photo to reliably remove color casts, and am preparing for documentary photographs in an archive where I want accurate color so I am considering a color check reference target and software integrated into an Adobe workflow for that, as other users will want to know that the colors in the image are original and not mine.

Max Burke's picture

On occasion I forget to check the white balance and keep incandescence on when daylight is required. An advantage of shooting raw is that this is easily corrected.

Larry Taber's picture

II process in Lightroom - with great results - shooting Nikon D90.

Kim Kelln's picture

I'm more particular about white balance with my point-and-shoot, but I'll sometimes set WB to one of the programmed settings even when shooting raw.

G.  Sykes's picture

For the "other" times a mix of other two options give acceptable results.

Jeff Goldberg's picture

I always play with WB in post to get mood I am looking for.

Isaac's picture

I think it works fine, love it, i am not a proffessional, but got used to it of using it.

Matthew Ecker's picture

I haven't shot an image as a JPEG since 2007. I've become accustomed to the control RAW shooting gives me, including white balance manipulation.

Jeff Parrish's picture

I use an Expo disc for every new lighting situation. I never use auto white balance.

Joe's picture

Under unusual circumstances I will adjust the WB to get a given effect, otherwise I shoot raw and us Auto WB.

Al Currie's picture

Use X-Rite Color Checker Passport. Amazing improvement to workflow and color accuracy. Required updating to Current Photoshop Lightroom and Elements.

Allen Harry's picture

Auto white balance in most cameras is not very good. I shoot 99% RAW and/or I use Color Checker Passport.