Please comment briefly on whether or not you have exposed a roll of film in the last six months...and whether or not you might plan to in the coming months!

Please comment briefly on whether or not you have exposed a roll of film in the last six months...and whether or not you might plan to in the coming months!
No thanks, I've made the switch and won't look back.
41% (208 votes)
Yes, it might be worth a look.
16% (82 votes)
Yes, I never abandoned film and am glad that Kodak is still developing new products.
42% (212 votes)
Total votes: 502

Fred Abeles's picture

I've made the switch to digital but still have all of my film gear available. I might take a look.

John R Harris's picture

I teach B&W photography at a Junior College here and also have adult classes. I believe strongly in film photography and have donated an 8 station darkroom to the King's Christian academy here. That is where we hold the classes. The two new Kodak B&W films are excellent!! So is Rollei infra red.

Louis E.  Franyi's picture

I own Six film cameras and two digital cameras (one is the Sony Mavica CD 300 ). This is one of the first digital cameras available and is still meeting my parameters.When I want to take Quality enlargement type photographs ,the film cameras are in my shoot bag. I am always looking for new and improved film for this work. I am waiting for delivery & looking forward to using the new Kodak color film. My darkroom is still busy with B & W processing.

Jeff Parrish's picture

I still shoot large quantities of film, mostly black and white. I have tried the new Ektar and wish Kodak would offer it in 120 and 4X5.

Gary Schacker's picture

I'd love to use my many film cameras again...but I honestly can't think of a good reason to do so. I don't think it will happen. I don't work with film anymore.

Tony Whitehead's picture

Can't wait to try the new Ektar, only wish it came in 25 or 50 ISO.

Rolf's picture

Still shoot slides and film. Do it keep the skills up. Digital makes folks lazy. Shoot digital on a Sony 100 & 700.

George Foxworth's picture

I still shoot film, though not very much. A film with great latitude and fine grain with deep saturation would surely tempt me to shoot more film. There are still some things I just don't feel are as "photographic" on digital.

James Awad's picture

I use digital now more than film but I use film on more serious subjects. I have just bought 10 rolls of Ektar 100 and I plan to see what it can do.

Robert Marcum's picture

Most of my image capture has been using Kodak color negative film. Approximately 25 rolls. Why is screwing with a cumputer to correct the deficiencies of a digital image sensor/processor fun?

Don Karner's picture

Shoot mostly Portra 160. It scans nicely for me to print on my Epson printers. I still shoot 120 and 35 film.

Tim's picture

There are still many occasions when I prefer film to digital. I've known my film cameras for years and in certain situations, still prefer to use them, because I'm not as comfortable with my newer digital equipment.

Bob Bloch's picture

Haven't exposed a roll of film in 3 1/2 years since switching to Canon EOS 1Ds MarkII. I was a dedicated Hasselblad user but this Canon camera convinced me to change. I'm a full-time pro.

Fred J.  Martin's picture

As a curiosity only, not as a replacement for digital. I haven't shot film in over 3 years but do want to try the "Great Yellow Father's" new Extar 100. Problem is, NO ONE in this town has it for sale! Even though I still have all my film cameras, I personally am so hooked on digital that I just recently purchased another Nikon D.

Dale Hazard's picture

I think Kodak is pulling out all the stops in an attempt to survive. Kodak knows its days are numbered and and is doing everything possible to compete with the digital giant that may drive them into bankruptcy. If I did use this new film I'd probably want to scan the negatives so that I could work with the images in my computer.

Anonymous's picture

Yes. I continue to expose film. Both in 35mm and Medium Format (220)-645- I would love to see this film in 120/220 rolls and would be ecstatic if they brought back a revised Ektar 25. I would love to get a dslr but other than medium format, which is out of my reach, I am unable to find any bodies sporting iso and shutter speed dials. I also like aperture rings on my lenses. I hate, just hate, going through spinning wheels(Canon) to bracket or change shutter speeds or to bracket.These functions are vastly quicker on a typical film slr Colin Elliott

Fred Pagenkopf's picture

I have a Noblex panoramic camera and that uses film. But that's the only film I've used in the last six months. I'm going to keep my Hasselblad because twice a year I have to shoot some photos for a billboard and they need film negatives. Next time I go to Alaska I'm going to bring a film camera because digital did not capture the beauty of Alaska.

Robert LeHew's picture

Film will always be around...I hope! I still love to use film especially 120 roll film. There are some situations where digital isn't my first choice. And there are customers who still demand film as the medium.

Blaine E.  Moyer's picture

I'm a 62 year old dinosaur with a 1970's M.A. In photography. Two years ago I made the jump to digital. Things aren't going as fast as I would like and the learning curve is steep but there is no going back.

P.  Ramsey's picture

We shoot with a D200 most of the time but I would not ever give up on the trusty Nikon F100. We still shoot alot of B&W and still love film and use the F100 as a backup.