Please comment briefly on any experiences you might have had with in-camera image processing techniques.

Please comment briefly on any experiences you might have had with in-camera image processing techniques.
I would use the camera as part of my image processing solution.
33% (99 votes)
I think all that is better done in an image processing program.
62% (186 votes)
I just use the images as they come from the camera and don't do any post-processing work on them.
5% (15 votes)
Total votes: 300

Euin Swafford's picture

Image processing is much better done in computer because of the much larger screen on which to observe the effects.

J.  Geilfuss's picture

Would op for better made camera as a pose to in camera processing.

Ed Stubbs's picture

I prefer the control of doing my own processing.

Heater Guy's picture

Digital cameras have become to comprehensive and overwhelming. By the time I figure out the moves required in the camera the shot is gone.

Lyle Dean's picture

The camera "display" is inadequate for anything but the most basic decisions. And processing in the camera could limit future options.

Tim Carnahan's picture

In camera color filter effects and B&W parameter have given me good results and a time savings in post processing workflow. (Canon EOS 20D)

Bill McMahon's picture

An image that looks good on an LCD might not look good at a larger print size. You just can't see it good enough.

Lauren MacIntosh's picture

When We allow a machine to do everything for us, do we not then become lazy. Its like doing film you must first shoot it then develope it,then one needs to print it and then Enjoy it : YUP a darn lot of work But You controlled It, Not some computer!!! We are getting Lazy and Lazyer!!!

Michael Harrington's picture

Of course it all depends on what application the camera is being used. It's as simple as a "yes" or "no" answer.

Nardo's picture

I'm half-decided. On one hand, I'm a "purest" photographer. On the other hand, I prefer the do the processing on the PC. It allows one to use creativity. Why should I be limited to the options given to me by manufacturers?

P.  Sanborn's picture

They are not cameras anymore, their computers with lenses. I say keep it a simple man/machine interface.

R.  Redd's picture

The limited controls and small viewing window make the camera a poor tool for these operations.

Craig Wassel's picture

When I am in the field, I want to concentrate as much as possible on the shoot. Beyond the shoot, I think most of us notice things in our images that we could not easily see on the LCD, so I would not use it "post shoot" either.

Chuck Bruton's picture

I tend to forget to switch from landscape to portraiture or standard. I'm just concerned about getting the image. I'm trying to work on remembering to use the features available on the camera.

Dracula's picture

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