Please briefly describe what filter (s) you use and why.

Please briefly describe what filter (s) you use and why.
Yes, there are still good reasons to use lens filters.
62% (187 votes)
No, I don't use any filters over my lenses.
36% (108 votes)
I am not sure what use filters are these days so haven't made up my mind.
2% (5 votes)
Total votes: 300

Rob's picture

Polarizing filter still needed. If the lens didn't capture it software can't bring it out.

Brad Anderson's picture

Polarizers are probably the only filters worth using. Though if you like doing your work in the camera before photoshop you may use a few others, but less likely.

Mike Gates's picture

I still use polarizing filters and neutral density filters.

Barbara Eads's picture

I like to use a polarizing filter because it brings out rich color during the middle of the day and also cuts down on reflection of plants.

Ryan Watkins's picture

Some filters there is no need for if you have Photoshop or other image editting software. For example warming, graduated ND, or black and white contrast filters aren't really worth the money considering you can obtain the same effect with a few adjustment layers in photoshop. But other filters are still needed to get a specific type of photographs. Such as: infrared, ND, or polarizing filters. I always use a UV filter on all of my lens just for protection. Face it, it's it's better to replace a $20 filter than a $300 lens.