Please briefly comment on your thoughts about this new breed of digital cameras.

Please briefly comment on your thoughts about this new breed of digital cameras.
Yes, the chip size is the same and I appreciate the smaller size.
32% (40 votes)
No, the electronic finder is less functional than "mirror" finders.
50% (63 votes)
Not sure as I have not worked with one yet.
18% (23 votes)
Total votes: 126

Camille's picture

The new compacts really do some fantastic stuff.

Gary K.'s picture

Before my Canon S1is failed (4 years), the electronic finder was barely tolerable.

Ed Law's picture

Just hate EVFs but it's the photographer not the equipment. A top pro golfer can do wonders with "any" equipment .. same true in photography.

Larry Warner's picture

An electronic finder is not good in bright light.

David's picture

I have not worked with one of these cameras but I believe another limitation would be the ability to quickly and easily focus manually.

Michael D.  McGuire's picture

Being "old school," I do prefer an optical "mirror" finder. I can work more quickly and accurately. Smaller cameras are a problem for those of us with big hands. I really like the heft and feel of a larger body.

Ed Siciliano's picture

The future has arrived and I embrase it wholeheartilly. DSLR have become too bulky and expensive for our aging population. Finally photography is being enjoyable again. I have the Panasonic DMX LX3 - just love it.

Ed Le Doux's picture

I'll be glad when engineers use electronic switching in place of shutters. Now there's a revolution: no penta-prism/mirror; no mirror box; no shutter. WOW!

Mel Reimer's picture

There's alot to support the new smaller systems but the lack of a real viewfinder is significant.

Paul VandenBerge's picture

Why can't Canon and Nikon make a version of their popular cameras without Video and 'in camera processing'? These features just increase the cost and complexity of a camera are worthless in my opinion.

John Bergquist's picture

Hopefully with the manufacture of quality additional lenses, they could offer an alternative for non-pros and a possible back-up for pros as well.

Stephan Peters's picture

Absolutely not. I like the shape, size, heft, just about everything about DSLR's. I use Full-Frame DSLR's and Medium Format Cameras and don't even consider using anything else. Those tiny little cameras getting smaller and smaller, absolutely useless. I would'nt know where to put my fingers on such a small thing. Can't see or push those pesky little buttons and that screen instead of a viewfinder.

Robert LeHew's picture

This constant downsizing will be end of semi-pro photography. Soon we'll all be shooting with iPhones!

brandga's picture

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