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Anomalies, Misplacements, And Oddball Juxtapositions
Ever walk by a scene and something in your mind clicks, saying, "Now, there's something odd going on here." It's a point of view and a zone of seeing that can make the ordinary extraordinary, and the mundane ridiculous. You can aid that sense with a super-wide lens, a tricky point of view, or just when odd events happen. So send us your moments of anomalies, misplacements, and oddball juxtapositions that show how reality always trumps any computerized collage point of view.

This photo was made outside the ill-fated New Orleans Convention Center a few months before Katrina. The fire hydrant is normal fire hydrant size, while the sculptural forms are nearly 7 ft tall; a super-wide lens and deep depth of field played the trick.
© 2008, George Schaub, All Rights Reserved

Please Read This
It is important that you read and follow these guidelines. We need to follow this procedure because of the large volume of images we receive. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at: editorial@shutterbug.com.

1) Images sent to us cannot be returned. You retain complete copyright over the images, but do grant us permission to print your image(s) in the magazine and on our website, www.shutterbug.com.

2) Because images are not returned please send a quality print or duplicate transparency. We will not accept or view images on CD, ZIP, or any other electronic media.

3) Images will be selected on the basis of content and technical quality. Please mark your outer envelope with the topic of the month (for example, "Wide View").

4) Enclose a short caption with the image stating camera, lens, film and exposure, plus location. If you are submitting an image with a recognizable person we must have a model release or signed permission from that person to reproduce their image in the magazine and on the website.

5) Please submit no more than three photos for consideration (4x6 up to 81/2x11).

Send your image and information to: Picture This! Shutterbug Magazine,
1419 Chaffee Dr., Suite #1
Titusville, FL 32780.
Deadline for submission: November 15, 2008.
Images will appear in our February 2009 issue.
Our next topic: Trees
Deadline: December 15, 2008
Publication Date: March, 2009

Please note: We receive hundreds of submissions for Picture This! each month and want to be sure we properly identify each image we publish. Please be sure to attach your name and image information to the back of each submission.

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