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Hotel Room View: Dr. Fernando Ugarte made this great shot of the John Hancock Building in Chicago from his hotel room right at sunset. He zoomed his Nikkor 24-120mm VR lens during the autoexposure on Fujifilm Velvia.
© 2003, Fernando Ugarte, M.D., All Rights Reserved

Victorian Cottage Stair: The intricate and graceful woodwork of a Victorian-era building was photographed by Bob Kaatz with a Canon G2. Kaatz's exposure was f/5 at 1/250 sec.
© 2003, Bob Kaatz, All Rights Reserved

At The Pompidou: Would you believe that this colorful and industrial maze is located in an art museum? Charles Abrams made this shot at one of the great art museums in Paris with a Nikon FTN on Kodachrome 64 film using a Vivitar 70-210mm zoom lens.
© 2003, Charles Abrams, All Rights Reserved

Wayfarers Chapel: This gorgeous design is found in the Wayfarers Chapel in Los Angeles, and was photographed by Ellis B. Gaines Jr. with an Olympus E-10; exposure was f/8 at 1/125 sec, with the ISO set at 160.
© 2003, Ellis B. Gaines, All Rights Reserved

Picture This -- Our Next Assignment
Every day, twice a day, the greatest show on earth takes place on your horizon--sunrise and sunset. While most people are too busy to notice, rushing to work or home, photographers know that these are the golden hours, some of the best times to make natural light photographs. While photos of the glorious sky, clouds, and perhaps even a silhouette framing it all are fine, we're also interested in what happens when you turn your camera to the back or side of the dazzling light, and how the light informs your subjects with a warm or cool mood. So send in your photos and show us all how you spent those precious moments contemplating the light.

© 2003, George Schaub, All Rights Reserved

Please Read This:
It is important that you read and follow these guidelines.
We need to follow this procedure because of the large volume of images we receive.

1) Images sent to us cannot be returned. You retain complete copyright over the images, but do grant us permission to print your image(s) in the magazine and on our website, www.shutterbug.com.
2) Because images are not returned please send a quality print or duplicate transparency. We will not accept or view images on CD, ZIP, or any other electronic media.
3) Images will be selected on the basis of content and technical quality. Please mark your outer envelope with the topic of the month (for example, "Wide View").
4) Enclose a short caption with the image stating camera, lens, film and exposure, plus location. If you are submitting an image with a recognizable person we must have a model release or signed permission from that person to reproduce their image in the magazine and on the website.

Send your image and information to:
Picture This! Shutterbug Magazine,
1419 Chaffee Dr., Suite #1, Titusville, FL 32780.
Deadline for submission: November 15, 2004
Images will appear in our February 2005 issue.
Our next topic: Directional Light
Deadline: December 15, 2004
Publication Date: March, 2005