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This month’s first Reader’s Homepage belongs to Vernon Kilby whose classically styled site contains six galleries that, while collected by themes, are simply numbered. “Gallery 3,” for example, contains black-and-white photos that were made on his travels throughout New England. Like a real gallery, the thumbnails are displayed in frames with price tags placed below them, allowing you to order prints. Clicking on them produces a larger window that, depending on the browser you use, opens the photograph in a separate tab complete with a large copyright notice. “Gallery 6” contains similar photographs as well as paintings that focus on life’s quiet moments and rather than screaming “look at me” whisper to you in a style that’s more feather than hammer.

Kilby is a skilled painter using a contemporary yet representational style that’s well explained in the film Local Color (if you like art, rent this movie). For some reason the images here, when clicked, open into larger images and that works well for photographs but not so much, I think, for the paintings. “Gallery 2” is all paintings while “Gallery 5” is a mix of monochrome and color photographs of New Hampshire and Maine that, like all of his work, provide a peaceful respite from the pace of today’s hectic world. Kilby’s website was created using a template from AllWebCo Design & Hosting (

© 2010, Vernon Kilby, All Rights Reserved
When you arrive at Mark Bryant’s homepage you have three choices: you can view his portrait work featured last month, visit his blog, or look at his architectural and fine art work which, like his portraiture, is featured in a separate site. When you get there the slide show playing on the main page tells you that Bryant has an amazing ability to see and control light whether it’s for an architectural interior, still life, or landscape. Anyone who has tried to shoot architectural interiors knows what a challenging genre it can be and looking at this portfolio shows Bryant’s strong compositional eye reigns supreme and use of lighting remains superlative. For some reason there are a few exteriors in this collection, which only serves to stimulate interest in viewing his “Exteriors” portfolio that’s chockablock with images of residential and commercial structures that must have produced many smiles by clients. His shot of an outdoor mall raises the bar for making the most mundane image look special somehow.

That he’s a lighting master can also be seen in the “Fine Art” portfolio that features lots of travel images where Bryant’s eye for color and composition are nearly impeccable and continues to feature the all-too-few Montana scenics, including an elegant Thunderbolt and Lightfoot landscape. This black-and-white image is one of just a few and makes you want to see more. Bryant’s “Commercial” portfolio collects sports, still life, and lifestyle images that cover everything from computers to golf and includes hands down one of the coolest and most visually clever chef photographs I’ve seen.

© 2009, Mark Bryant, All Rights Reserved