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Exposure And Contrast Enlarging Meter
The Durst Variolux enlarging meter can be used to measure both exposure time and also the needed contrast of paper grade required for any black and white negative. It has a rapid response time and can also be used for spot or integrated readings. Since it is battery powered, there are no bothersome power cords to contend with. The MSRP is $153. Contact: JOBO Fototechnic, Inc., PO Box 3721, Ann Arbor, MI 48106;
(734) 677-6989; fax: (734) 677-6963;

Non-Slip Replacement Shoulder Strap
UPstrap is a replacement, non-slip shoulder strap suitable for any and all types of photography equipment (cameras, bags, plus binoculars and computer cases). The prime feature of the strap is a flexible padded polymer shoulder pad with dozens of raised dots on both sides that provides non-slip traction and stability. This not only provides stability and security for the strap but also promotes comfort for your body since the item can be suspended from your shoulder and not your neck. Several sizes are offered. The RF/DC camera model, which is recommended for smaller cameras weighing under 2.3 lbs, has a pad about 1x7" with a woven strap molded into the pad so it cannot slip or pull out. At the ends are universal "O" rings that can be attached to any size or type of small camera. The SLR version is for film and digital SLR cameras and items weighing more than 2.3 lbs. Larger models are also offered for use with photo bags, laptop computers, etc. The MSRP for each strap is $30 plus S&H. Contact: Al Stegmeyer, UPstrap Inc., 9600 Miccosukee Rd., Tallahassee, FL 32309;
(877) 872-7639; e-mail:;