Master Class
On The Road; Monte’s Journey To China—Part II Page 2

The PowerShot was so convenient when I stopped at this buffet restaurant (not at all like the Chinese buffets we're used to in the US) and caught this scene without anyone even noticing that they were being photographed. The people and the steam rising from the food display are what made this picture.

And Some "Formals," Too
My host in Shanghai was a sports anchorman at one of the TV stations there. I spoke to him before I left home about possibly creating portraits of some of their TV personalities. So, as part of my baggage I packed my Westcott Spiderlites, a Westcott black and white background, my Monte Illuminator (reflector), and a posing stool. I spent my last full day in Shanghai photographing about 50 people! Can you imagine photographing all those different personalities, each with their own idea of how they wanted to look in a portrait? Then, add on the difficulty of language barriers and time slots when each of them would be available.

Somehow I pulled it off and was able to photograph each and every one of them individually. You don't want to hear the stories about the problems I had. Suffice it to say that I was ultimately successful. Every one of them was more than satisfied with the results.

Monte will be touring the country with Eddie Tapp. They will be teaching photography from concept to completion. Monte will do his bit on posing, lighting, and the business of photography. Eddie will be teaching controlling digital workflow, processing your photographs in Photoshop, and advanced imaging energy.

Cities include:  
Fort Lauderdale - October 5th S. Los Angeles - October 23rd
Atlanta - October 8th Boston - October 29th
Houston - October 9th Washington DC - October 30th
Dallas - October 10th New York - November 2nd
N. Chicago - October 14th New York - November 6th
S. Chicago - October 15th Philadelphia - November 7th
Detroit - October 16th Seattle - November 12th
Cleveland - October 17th San Francisco - November 13th
N. Los Angeles - October 22nd Phoenix - November 15th

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