Lucis Pro 6.0 Software; An Update Offers More Sophistication Page 2

Lucis Pro 6.0 can also process each individual color channel. You can select (7) if you want to use the software in a Single Channel mode with all three channels together or you can use it in Split mode and work on the red, green, and blue channels independently. This is especially useful if you have noise in a particular channel and want to smooth it out. All changes can be seen in real time in the Preview window (8).

To round things out, the Tie Together box (9) can be clicked if you find a relationship you like between the Enhance Detail and Smooth Detail sliders. The Smooth Detail slider value must always be less than the Enhanced value so you may run out of numbers on each end if they are spaced too far apart. The Display Composite Image feature (10) may be enabled in Split Channel mode. By clicking it on and off, you can toggle back and forth between the processed image and the grayscale information of the selected color channel.

This composite image shows the original image (A) then a drastic effect caused by sliding the Enhance Detail slider to 47 (B). For the third image (C) I also moved the Smooth Detail slider to 11; notice the differences in the facial and background smoothness. How you mix them is up to you! The top photos show the differences close-up. (Model: Adam Mazza.)

Lucis Pro 6.0 also has the ability to save preset combinations (11) that you like. Once you create an effect you like, save it and use it again by just clicking a button. You can create a few presets and market them as “Signature” looks for your work. All you have to do is import a new image and press a button and your Signature look is created. I see this as a huge feature and one that will be very beneficial to pros.

As a fan of the original software, I see this new version as quite a leap forward. The increased price will probably keep this software only in the hands of professional and very serious amateur photographers. What you get for that increased price is almost unlimited flexibility and infinitely more control than the original, basic version. The ability to preset effects will give photographers the ability to do things from a simple contrast enhancement to a radical effect at the touch of a button. Lucis Pro 6.0 is an impressive and unique software that should be embraced by the serious professional.

The retail price of Lucis Pro 6.0 is $595, but for a limited time a $50 discount is available. For more information, contact Image Content Technology LLC at:

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