Image3D Launches Celebrations3D Program

Image3D is launching a special program for professional photographers that enables them to become authorized dealers of Celebrations3D products. Celebrations3D products are custom View-Master-style reels and viewers that feature photographers’ photos enhanced with 3D graphics – without the need for any special 3-D cameras or equipment. Celebrations3D enables photographers to immediately expand their product offering with a high-margin, original product that differentiates their photography business.

“Celebrations3D is a truly memorable product for professional photographers to offer their clients. Celebrations3D lets you feature your photography in the fun, nostalgic format that will bring back memories of the View-Master toys that you and your clients played with as children. Your customers will love the product, and you will love how it gives you an opportunity to expand your product line without any investment, costs or effort beyond signing up to enroll,” said Rich Dubnow, president of Image3D, which produces Celebrations3D products.

Celebrations3D can be used to display photographs of your clients’ wedding photos, family portraits, special occasion photography and more. Photographers enrolled in the free Celebrations3D Authorized Dealer Program will receive:

•  Special discounts that are available only to enrolled photographers
•  Exclusive access to support services for professional photographers at
•  Sales materials for use with clients

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