How to Shoot RAZOR SHARP Photos with ANY Camera

All photographers strive to make images with maximum sharpness and detail, but depending upon conditions that goal isn’t always easy to accomplish. Sometimes you can improve soft photos during the editing process, but the preferred approach is to use proper shooting techniques so you get what you want in the camera.

In today’s tutorial from nature photographer Jan Wegener, you’ll learn how he consistently captures stunning images with optimum detail and sharpness. As he explains, “High-quality gear helps, but there are a lot more factors to consider to nail the image every time.”

In this episode Wegener demonstrates his important tips with regard to photographing birds, which can be a particularly difficult challenge. Thus, the secrets to his success are equally appropriate for just about any type of outdoor images you shoot.

Wegener is a pro, so he’s heavily invested in premium gear, and you can see the equipment he uses in the description beneath the video. But he raises a good point for those with a more limited budget; namely, realize the limitations of whatever equipment you use, and then adjust your expectations and shooting techniques accordingly.

Most photographers recognize the importance of a tripod for precise focus and sharpness, and Wegener stresses the value of a sturdy camera support. But he also demonstrates a few ways to brace yourself while holding a camera securely when shooting handheld.

Moving on to exposure settings, Wegener insists that, “If you’re not using the right shutter speed, all the talk about shooting technique really doesn’t matter.” That’s because when photographing birds, or other fast-moving subjects, you have to deal with both camera shake and motion blur.

For complete details on these and Wegener’s many other tips take a close look at the video. Then head over to his YouTube channel for more helpful advice.

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