How Not to Clean Your Gear!: Watch a Guy Ruin $93K in Cameras and Lenses in this Crazy Water-Soaked Video

We don’t know if this guy’s got water on his brain or not but he’s clearly got a screw loose. Check out his very ill advised technique for cleaning his expensive camera gear: deliberately soaking it in water.

This is another one of those videos that’s not for the faint of heart. Maybe the gear, which includes professional Canon DSLRs and lenses and a Red Epic digital cinema camera, was already kaput before he shot this video but it certainly was ruined afterwards.

After drenching the gear under the tap, he then throws the Canon DSLR into a chlorine-filled swimming pool, scrubs the Red Epic in sand and then “cleans” its sensor with soap and water. To finish it off, he even flushes the poor Red camera in the toilet.

We don’t know if the guy’s joking around and the video is somehow faked or if he's just nuts but it’s a tragically amusing video.

According to the video, the camera gear in the water-soaked clip totaled $93,498. Oy!