Holiday Books For The Traditional Photographer Page 2

Woofers; by Paul Treacy; Yellow Belly Books; 56 pages; $19.03; (ISBN 1-4116-4208-2)
This delightfully whimsical book from photographer Paul Treacy highlights our fascination and deep love for dogs. This fine collection of color and black and white images expertly captures their amusing canine antics and heartwarming, expressive faces as they accompany their human counterparts in their daily lives in cities and towns around the world. Woofers will bring a smile to your face.

Monkey Portraits; by Jill Greenberg, foreword by Paul Weitz; Bulfinch Press; 112 pages; $24.99; (ISBN 0-8212-5755-2)
Jill Greenberg earned fame through her 15-year career as a top-notch celebrity photographer. This book is a departure from the norm as she focuses her lens on the wonderfully expressive faces of monkeys and apes. This charming collection of 76 color images captures various types of primates exhibiting facial expressions familiar to all of us.

Kennedy Space Center: Gateway to Space; by David West Reynolds; Firefly Books Ltd.; 240 pages; $40; (ISBN 1-55407-039-2)
This book from David West Reynolds highlights the rich history of the John F. Kennedy Space Center from its beginnings in 1949 to the present day. It contains a stunning collection of 150 color and black and white images that depict every stage of development, from early prototype rockets to the space shuttle. The fiery shots of missions leaving the launch pad and stunning views of the Earth as seen from orbit are paired with informative text which make this book as exciting as it is educational.

Rivers of America; text and photographs by Tim Palmer; Abrams; 224 pages; $40; (ISBN 0-8109-5485-0)
Tim Palmer is an award-winning photographer and avid conservationist with a passion for the dazzling beauty of America's rivers. This title is graced with a stunning collection of essays and 200 color images that were captured from around the US and Canada. Palmer created these amazing shots from canoes, rafts, mountain tops, skis, airplanes, and riverbanks to provide the viewer with an entirely new perspective on the grace and power of our rivers.

Art of the Chopper II; by Tom Zimberoff; Bulfinch Press; 264 pages; $45; (ISBN 0-8212-5815-X)
Talented artist-builders from around the world are transforming these once humble machines into fantastic works of modern art worthy to be on display at the hottest art galleries. Tom Zimberoff's book highlights the works of the best of the builders through a stunning collection of 590 color and black and white images captured against a stark white backdrop. The images are expertly paired with text that provides in-depth information on each artist and their favorite choppers.

111 Infrared Photos; by Joseph Constantino; AuthorHouse; 111 pages; $25.50; (ISBN 1-4208-7148-X)
Most photographers love the ethereal quality that black and white infrared film produces. Joseph Constantino's book features a mystical collection of 111 expertly crafted images that showcase his skill as a photographer and keen eye for detail. The infrared effect transforms these lush landscapes into ghostly visions glimpsed through a gossamer veil, a treat you will never forget.

Rainforest; by Thomas Marent; DK Publishing; 360 pages; $40; (ISBN 0-7566-1940-8)
Nature photographer Thomas Marent embarked on a 16-year adventure from Peru to Ecuador, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea to capture the treasure trove of natural wonders hidden deep within the heart of the world's rainforests. This book represents the stunning body of work created during his travels. It documents the wide range of diversity in the bizarre plants and colorful animals that call the jungle their home. The book also features a 70-minute CD of the sounds of the rainforest that makes this a treat for all the senses.

Galen Rowell: A Retrospective; introduction by Robert Roper; Sierra Club Books; 288 pages; $50; (ISBN 1-57805-115-0)
Galen Rowell was an accomplished nature photographer who took the art to an entirely new level, both artistically and emotionally. This title from Sierra Club Books was crafted from a breathtaking selection of 175 of his color images and features in-depth biographical information that brings the artist and his work in sharp focus. Rowell will be missed, but this salute will deepen your understanding and appreciation of his life's work.