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Legends Of Light: A Michigan Lighthouse Portfolio; photographs by Ed Wargin; Ann Arbor Media Group; 224 pages; $39.95; (ISBN 1-58726-251-7)
Lighthouses dot the Michigan coastline like lonely sentinels warning passing ships of hidden dangers. Award-winning photographer Ed Wargin captures the essence of these romantic icons. His images draw your attention to the beauty of their design, the lonely beach location, and the wealth of history that each lighthouse symbolizes. The book also includes a map that reveals the location of each lighthouse and brief descriptions that lists specific details about them and even provides a website for those who wish to explore these treasures in greater detail.

Through The Eyes Of The Gods: An Aerial Vision Of Africa; by Robert B. Haas, introduction by Kuki Gallmann; National Geographic Books; 207 pages; $50; (ISBN 0-7922-3882-6)
Photographer and accomplished author Robert B. Haas has an innovative approach to photography that produces magnificent results. He literally rises above his subjects by capturing images from helicopters and light aircraft. This lofty point of view transforms his work in unexpected ways by allowing you to see the rugged landscape and exotic wildlife of Africa as if you had wings. The introduction was provided by Kuki Gallmann, author of I Dreamed Of Africa, and the 12 essays are based on Haas' journal entries created during this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Together, the words and pictures create a fine tapestry to delight readers of all ages.

Spirit Horses; by Tony Stromberg; New World Library; 168 pages; $40; (ISBN 1-57731-499-9)
The power and mythic beauty of horses have always been a source of artistic and spiritual inspiration for Tony Stromberg. In search of his passion, Stromberg now travels across the western US and Europe capturing the raw energy and vitality of horses on film. This large format book contains a remarkable collection of 140 color photos that unveils his mastery of this art form and keen eye for detail.

Pantanal: South America's Wetland Jewel; by Theo Allofs; Firefly Books; 176 pages; $35; (ISBN 1-55407-090-2)
Pantanal is an untouched wilderness region that is nearly half the size of the state of California and peacefully nestled between Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. This wetland paradise is enjoying a surge in worldwide interest due to its famous inhabitants the Pantanal Jaguar, Giant River Otter, and the Yellow Anaconda. All of these fascinating creatures have been captured on film by Theo Allofs who has earned international acclaim as a nature photographer. This book is graced with a collection of 146 of his lavish images that celebrate the wide variety of species that call Pantanal home.