Here Are 5 Easy Must-Try Photo Tricks for 2020! (VIDEO)

It's already mid-February 2020: how's your photography going? If you still need a dose of inspiration, try these five must-try photo ideas from Pierre T. Lambert explained in the video below to get your creative juices flowing.

Shot on location in New York City, Lambert travels the city's subways and streets (including Times Square) with fellow photographer @jerometraveller to share these five easy tips and tricks for creating eye-catching photos:

Idea #5: Shutter Lag

Idea #4: People Blur

Idea #3: Look Up!

Idea #2: Reflection on Cars

Idea #1: Panning Shot

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and try these ideas this weekend and if you need more inspiration, check out this video with 20 more awesome camera hacks that will astound your friends. And don't forget to visit and subscribe to Lambert's fantastic YouTube channel for more great videos.