Here’s the Perfect Response to Internet Trolls Who Diss Your Work: Ignore Them! (VIDEO)

We all know the drill: You post some images online, and BOOM—you’re barraged by a bunch of snarky comments from other “photo experts” finding fault with your work. That’s what happened to London-based photographer Sean Tucker, and his video below offers some great advice for the next time this happens to you.

Tucker was surprised at the negative response he received after posting images taken with his Sony RX100 IV (which we previewed here); not encouraging or constructive criticism, but comments that were downright mean. Rather than being offended, Tucker realized that if you post something online, you’re going to get criticism—whether you ask for it or not.

As he told ISO 1200, Tucker refers to these Internet trolls as “frustrated creatives” who rarely create anything of value themselves, and his solution to dealing with them is spot on. So watch the video, hold your head high, and keep shooting.