Here’s How to Shoot Beautiful Portraits at Home with Just One Flash (VIDEO)

If you’re a bit envious of the beautiful portraits made by pros with well-equipped studios, this tutorial is a must-see. That’s because in just six minutes you’ll learn how to make stunning portraits of your own, in a home studio with just one flash and a simple background.

Manny Ortiz is a professional portrait photographer who likes to keep things simple, and he believes that in many circumstances less can be more. In the video below, he demonstrates everything you need to know to capture pro-quality portraits with a simple home setup and a few helpful tricks of the trade.

While single-light portraits can be difficult to do right, Ortiz solves the riddle by providing tips on light placement for flattering results with a minimum of shadow, and how to best pose a model when shooting with one light. He also explains how to achieve consistent catchlights in a subject’s eyes.

Ortiz demonstrates how to mix up the formula when you want to create a more dramatic, moody effect. You’ll also pick up few tips on using a simple reflector to spice things up.

There are more great portrait tips on Ortiz’ YouTube channel, as well as in another tutorial of his we posted, with helpful tips for making great outdoor portraits