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Battery For Yashica GLS
Q. I'm looking for a battery for an old Yashica GLS. The battery was a P-32, but now I think A32 or A164 would work. Can you help?
George C. Rohling
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I have a number of firms listed that supposedly have supplies of older sizes and types of batteries. They are: (6040 West 79th St., Indianapolis, IN 46278; (888) 288-6500;; Batteries Plus (925 Walnut Ridge Dr., Hartland, WI 53029; (800) 677-8278;; and Cell Energy, Inc. (800-321-0714; Have you tried your local RadioShack? They have been able to special order odd sizes of batteries for years.

Vintage Values
Q. I have a large collection of old cameras and equipment. I have not been able to find a website that deals with the value of these cameras. Any leads?
Vince Paczynski
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Sorry, I don't know if such a website exists. I sure wish there was one, as I have to look up pricing for old equipment for our readers frequently. I use several reference books now, primarily McKeown's Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras. Your local library might have one or more such reference books, as there are literally dozens. I find McKeown's is not only the largest, but it has an extensive array of products listed and is the most reliable.

Argus Streamline Info
Q. I am writing a book about the "streamlined decade" in America. In my book I will show the Argus and the Golde model 447 slide projectors, because they are very good examples of this design era. Can you help me with information (who was the designer--when were these projectors produced)?
Heinz Winkler

I don't remember the Argus CP slide projector you reference. I do have some resources that might be able to provide you with additional information. There is a group of Argus enthusiasts online at that you can contact. A book published in 2005, for which I provided a bit of assistance on Argus history, does have a chapter on Argus projectors. The book is Argomania: A Look At Argus Cameras And The Company That Made Them by Henry J. Gambino, Aeone Communications (73 Old Dublin Pike #181, Ste. 10, Doylestown, PA 18901). I know of the Golde projectors and have seen them, but have no reference leads for this brand.

Carryon Query
Q. You must certainly have heard of travel problems faced by your readers. Will I have a problem carrying a metal extension arm for my don't-want-to-use-it-on-camera flash on the plane?
Larry Aronberg
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Since I have not carried any of the several flash brackets I have on airline trips, I asked a couple of Shutterbug writers after we returned from a trip. Jon Canfield said he carried a new tripod back from the Las Vegas PMA trade show without any problems. His new TrekPod, like his other tripods, went as a carryon with no problems at all. He thought a flash bracket should be even less of an issue. He said they might ask what it's for, but then they would let you take it on. Jack Neubart told me he couldn't see that a small bracket should be a problem. He does not carry one, but does carry a compact tripod--in his checked baggage. If in doubt, he said you should always check with the airlines. Their website usually refers passengers to a government agency website as the final arbiter of things you can carry on-board. The consensus is that you should simply put the bracket in your checked luggage. Our Forums, at, have a specific airline travel category that you can reference.

Panagor Macro Performance?
Q. Recently I purchased a Panagor Macro (PMC) 90mm f/2.8 with the following serial number: 821161. Can anyone tell me the origin of this lens and your experience/comments regarding the quality and performance?
Willy Machan
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I don't remember ever hearing of a Panagor lens. If any readers know anything about the Panagor lens and write me, I'll be sure to forward their comments to you.

F-1 Needs Home
Q. I particularly enjoyed your article in the April Shutterbug on the Canon F-1. The "New F-1" was my first serious 35mm camera, and I still have that camera (with "FN" eye-level finder) along with an "ever-ready" case and 28mm, 35mm, and 135mm FD lenses. For many years, I have been using other film and now digital cameras so my F-1 has been sitting idle on my closet shelf. My F-1 equipment is, however, still in excellent condition, and I'm writing to ask if you could recommend someone, possibly in the Chicago area, who would be able to put this fine camera to better use. I am at that point in my life where I want to sell my old camera to a reputable buyer, but I don't have any idea how to go about selling it or what it might be worth. Other than needing a new battery, the camera and lenses are in excellent condition. I have the camera and lens manuals, and original boxes for the camera, each of the lenses, and lens hoods. I purchased the camera and 50mm lens in 1984 and the other lenses in '85. I estimate that it's been about 15 years since I last used them. Thank you for any help you might be able to offer. Keep up the good work in Shutterbug!
John Ehrenberg
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Glad you liked my classic camera article on the Canon F-1. It's one of my favorite SLR cameras though I, too, have not used mine, or any of the dozen or so FD and FL mount lenses I have, for about 10 years. As to selling your vintage F-1 equipment you might want to start with running a classified ad in Shutterbug, listing what you have for sale. I found many current used prices after exploring the web a bit. The Canon F-1, body only, listed for $125 and the 50mm f/1.8 for $35; 28mm f/2.8 for $80; 135mm f/3.5 for $60. I'm sure current prices for the other items you have are posted somewhere on the web. I found these prices at and I did find several other websites (and toll free phone numbers) you might want to contact. First go to and check out the classified listings and links there. Some I noticed on the classified page were: Columbus Camera Group, (800) 325-7664; Sam Shoshan, (888) 534-2272; and KEH at and (800) 342-5534. Another website that might be of assistance is or you can contact them at (877) 977-5091. I'm sure any or all of these firms would be interested in your Canon F-1 equipment. You will have to determine the value but they are all reputable firms whom I believe you can trust.