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Shutter Value?
Q. I have a mint condition SVE Speed-i-o-scope shutter in the original box. I would like to know the value today as I intend to sell it. What was it used for?
Claude Guitschula
Dublin, CA

SVE was short for Society for Visual Education. This firm offered items used in the audio-visual instruction field. I believe your shutter was placed over the projection lens of a slide or filmstrip projector and was tripped so the projected image was only visible briefly on the screen for a fraction of a second. This was a learning tool to teach viewers to quickly identify what they saw on a projected image. It probably had military and law enforcement applications in addition to its use in schools in the 1950s or `60s. I have been unable to find any pricing on this shutter today, but I would imagine it would be nil, since even slide projectors are seldom used today. If any alert readers can provide additional information about your SVE shutter (made by Graflex, Inc.), we will forward the data to you when received.

Too-Tight Filters
Q. I have two screw-on filters stuck together. What is the best way to detach them?
Ron Mornson
Bloomington, MN

Use two round, flexible rubber pads, intended for opening jar tops in the kitchen, to get a better non-slip grip on each filter, then gently twist to separate them. You might try using an aerosol lubricant like WD-40 on the threads to help loosen them. Just be sure to use the tube to direct the spray on the threads and use very little lubricant. Wipe the excess spray off with lens tissue.

Adapters For Hasselblad
Q. I have a Hasselblad 500CM and a 50mm Distagon CT lens with 63mm lens diameter for filters and accessories. I need two items that I have not found: 1) adapter to use my 63mm polarizer filter with 50mm bayonet of my Hasselblad 80mm lens (this adapter was offered by Hasselblad some years ago) and 2) a step-up adapter that would allow the using of 72mm filters or 62mm filters with the 63mm filter size of the Distagon lens. Any help will be appreciated.
via Internet

I have found three firms that are particularly helpful in providing both filters and adapter rings. Just be sure any adapters you get are not too thick as they might vignette the corners of images made with your 50mm Distagon wide angle lens. Try the following firms: The Camera People (PO Box 1069, Bayfield, CO 81122; phone/fax: (970) 884-6045;; Porter's Camera Store (PO Box 628, Cedar Falls, IA 50613; (800) 553-2001;; and Freestyle Photographic Supplies (5124 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90027; (800) 292-6137, (323) 660-3460;

Hot Light Query
Q. I do a lot of reading online about photography and I have a hard time finding anything on using hot lights. I cannot afford all the fancy strobe lighting, etc., so any tips or links for help would be wonderful.
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One of the better sites for learning about lighting with both hot lights and electronic flash can be found at the following website: They have lots of free lessons, including subjects such as principles, equipment, lessons, etc. Just browse through the website and select the subject you want to learn more about. It's quite extensive and should be good advice from a firm well-known for offering a wide variety of light diffusion equipment. One difference in using hot lights vs. strobe (electronic flash) could be the color balance of the light. If you are working with a digital camera you can adjust the camera to work properly with either type of light. Hope this gets you started using hot lights better really soon.