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You could also decide to add some Ornaments, which you load into your "Shapes." Just go clicking and dragging them, holding the shift key if you want to retain shape, and placing them wherever you want. I always choose the color first. Once I've got it laid down, I can use the Move tool to drag it around since each shape is placed on its own layer.

This is how the edge effect looks. You can add a background color to fill the white in. (Model: Kim Gray.)
This image of Kim Gray was made by combining one of the papers and adding ornaments. (Model: Kim Gray.)

The fun with this software is combining several effects. I chose a "paper" to use as an overlay, erased partially through it, added some shapes, and created a totally different look. I also had fun using brushes to "stamp" different effects on my images.

So far we've been talking about having fun. We all like to do this, but how can we use this to make money as portrait photographers? Pretty easily, really. Let's take the high school senior market as an example. Seniors are always looking for something cool and different. Pick a few of your favorite effects, show examples on your pricing handout, and charge a premium for these artistic looks. Also, make sure they're only available with your higher priced sessions or with an order over a certain amount. You get the idea.

(Below): Subtle application of brush strokes to this flower image. (Above): We livened up this image of musician Dan Walker by using one of the included images.

I've just touched on a few of the things you can do with some of the tools available from Graphic Authority. They now have expanded their line greatly with cool drag-and-drop templates and other products. For all the latest info, including pricing, go to

Tulip photo before and after applying brush strokes.

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