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In stock during our visit:
· Leica COMPUR dial set (serial number 6025): 9998 Euros
· Leica III C "Heer" and Elmar 5/3,5: 1998 Euros
· Leica Ia/II Calfskin and Elmar-SM 1: 50mm f/3,5: 6.998 Euros

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Foto Hobby Rahn
Am Salzhaus 2
D-60311 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49-69-920707-0, 920707-12
Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30-19:00,
Saturday 10:00-15:00

Wüstefeld has two shops in Berlin. Both offer a broad selection of used cameras. Usually there are more than 1000 different cameras, lenses, and accessories in stock. They sell 35mm equipment and medium format and view cameras. Here you can also find many rare collector's items. All products have a 12-month guarantee and every used or classic camera is thoroughly checked before being sold.

Photos © 2005, Heiner Henninges, All Rights Reserved

Wüstefeld is a first-class address for photography in Berlin. The company offers a special service for people coming from abroad. They have employees who speak English, French, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, and Polish. They can handle tax-free goods and offer a worldwide delivery service. Customers can also expect camera tests, repair service as well as workshops to get practical experience in all fields. Next April the company will celebrate its 40th anniversary. There are around 30 employees working in the shops.

Wüstefeld sees itself as one of the biggest sales organizations for used cameras in Europe. You can find everything from a Minox to professional large format view cameras. The shop also has an extensive collection of classic cameras and a special Leica collection. All used cameras are checked and tested before being sold and, if necessary, repaired. The clients are from all over the world. "We do not only sell to photo enthusiasts but also to many professional photographers," I was told. The shop sells also via its website, which is available in English as well.

In stock during our visit:
· Leica MP Special Edition: 20,000 Euros
· Leica M3: 998 Euros
· Canon F1 35mm SLR: 329 Euros
· Nikon F5: 1299 Euros

Schloßstraße 96
in Steglitz
12163 Berlin
Phone: 0049 30 - 792 80 99
Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30-19:00,
Saturday 10:00-16.00

Branch establishment
Grolmanstraße 36
Am Kurfürstendamm
10623 Berlin
Phone: 030 - 881 96 96
Hours: Monday to Saturday 10.00-19.00

In 1971 Claus-Peter Meister began to sell only Leica equipment. At that time his sales were only about 10,000 DM, which today would be about 5000 Euros. Two years ago Leica bei Meister started its new shop in Hamburg's Eppendorfer Landstrasse, where five employees service the customers. The share of used Leica equipment is about 50 percent. Since last year "Leica bei Meister" became the biggest Leica dealer in Germany. The most asked for used products are Leica M6 and Leica R8 cameras.

Photos © 2005, Heiner Henninges, All Rights Reserved

For products that are not older than 25 years they offer a one-year guarantee. Cameras that are more than 25 years old are traded as collector's items. If the item is defective or if the shop's description is incorrect, the purchased items can be returned within one year. Some mechanical aspects, such as exact shutter speeds or perfect functioning of light meters, are not promised. Visible defects are marked. Items are sold also on commission. In that case, prices do not include tax. In all other cases, a tax refund is possible for non-EU citizens. Costs of shipment will be added to the ordered item.

Leica bei Meister either purchases in cash or sells your equipment under commission at market prices. When the goods are sold they charge a 20 percent commission. The shop also specializes in selling collections and offers free evaluations of equipment or collections.

Photos © 2005, Heiner Henninges, All Rights Reserved

All new products that Leica can deliver are in stock. The customers represent all ages, ranging from young beginners to experienced collectors. Leica bei Meister ships worldwide and many of their customers use the company's website as a source and resource. The site does offer an English version.

In stock during our visit:
· 150 used Leica cameras
· 300 used Leica lenses
· more than 1000 Leica accessories
For example, a Leica M3 for 999 Euros;
and a Leica M4-2 silver for 4444 Euros.

Leica bei Meister
Eppendorfer Landstrasse 64
20249 Hamburg
Phone: 0049-40-46777755