Fine Art Marketing; “Do What You Love And Your Work Will Reflect Your Passion” Page 2

SB: What are your fine art client relationships like today?

Sula: I experienced my best success with galleries when I could travel and meet with them face-to-face. As of now, I have scaled back to two galleries and I have a rep in New Mexico. Many of the galleries that formerly contained my work when I began traveling have stopped doing business with all the changes to the economy in the last six years. I have deliberately cut back on gallery submissions this past year as I am focusing on marketing my book of fine art and poetry entitled Images Entwined to publishers.

Southwest Blooms

SB: How are you currently marketing your work?

Sula: For my opening in Coconut Grove, I framed eight 8x12" Images Entwined pieces and coupled it with my new bio to announce the completion of my book of the same name. While looking for a publisher, I recently sold 12 images to a calendar publishing company from my Images Entwined collection for use in an inspirational calendar. Although I have yet to secure publishing, I maintain the same perseverance that drove me successfully through my original quest for representation throughout the country. My belief is that a photographer should market themselves based upon what type of photography is practiced. Think outside of the box and take advantage of every opportunity that is presented. Whether through print work or through the web, they should seize each chance to market their work and network to build the relationships required to become successful in their field.

Jupiter Splash

SB: Please tell our readers about the calendar and its distribution.

Sula: I have contributed images to other calendar projects. This is my first calendar, with all my own images, which will be published and distributed by Browntrout and I am very excited that this inspirational mini-calendar solely features my work. The direct link to my calendar page is:

Also, I was informed by Julie Taft of Browntrout that the calendar will be available at Wal-Mart, Costco US, Fred Meyer, and many Hallmark stores.

SB: What other marketing would you recommend to artists who are trying to accomplish goals that are similar to yours?

Sula: First, I would suggest producing what is called a "leave behind" promo. This is a printed piece with three images from their portfolio. At the time, I chose images from "Series 42," which was the limited edition I was promoting. I had to create this promotional piece before I even began seeking gallery representation so they would have a visual reminder of my work to peak their interest and provide them with my contact information. I also utilized my website as a marketing and communication tool. As soon as my work was positioned in the first six galleries, I put together a second piece with updated images and biographical information printed on Somerset paper. Somerset is a type of stock that allows colors to remain exact. When glazed with UV coating and mounted, galleries can stand it up on their counter. The galleries also printed post cards displaying one of my works for the show. I basically used all of the resources available to me, including the videotapes of the documentary I produced, American Waitress, New Mexico.


SB: Do you have any advice for photographers who are just getting started in the field of fine art photography?

Sula: I think the most important characteristics needed by free-lance photographers are passion, vision, and guts. It's not an easy field or quick way of getting rich. Be prepared to make a financial investment as well as spending time and energy. Keep a means for supporting yourself while pursuing your dreams!