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Fine Art Digital Textures
While reviewing Jesh de Rox's website (www.jeshderox.com) for Web Profiles I admired the textures he added to his images and quickly found out that they are for sale through the Fine Art Textures (www.finearttextures.com) homepage, where you can see dramatic before and after examples. Fine Art Textures are not Actions, they are 35 high-resolution files that are used with de Rox's post-processing techniques, all shown in a short instructional video along with a few tips. The JPEG files are approximately 8.3x12.5" at 350dpi and can easily be up-sampled many times higher; de Rox says he "frequently prints 40x50-inch wall prints using these same textures and they look beautiful." The package includes a license to use them for personal, commercial, or art pieces as well as a $100 credit toward one of de Rox's "life (as an artform)" workshops sponsored by FineArtTextures.com and its parent LifeAsAnArtform.com.

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Image Trends' Raw Updates
Image Trends' (www.imagetrendsinc.com) SensorKleen Pro software has been updated to support raw file formats. The finished "Kleen" output will be saved as .DNG files and the original camera raw files are preserved. Image Trends' ShineOff and PearlyWhites software has also been upgraded with a new user interface that uses a slider to control the amount of facial shine removal and teeth whitening, respectively. ShineOff and PearlyWhites are priced at $49.95 for Mac OS or Windows versions. SensorKleen Pro costs $99.95 for Windows only but a Mac OS version will follow "as market demand dictates." You can download a free trial version (it watermarks the output) from their website.

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