Delkin Devices Pop-Up Shade Line Protects Expensive Digital Camera LCD Screens

Delkin Devices, Inc., has introduced its new line of innovative eFilm Pop-Up Shades. Pop-Up Shades are LCD screen protective covers, which double as glare guards. These sturdy, lightweight covers are easily installed (and removed), protect a digital camera's expensive LCD screen in the closed position, and pop up to provide easier viewing of the display in bright sunlight.

The first shipments of 11 eFilm Pop-Up Shade models cover the most popular Digital SLR and point and shoot cameras. Delkin intends to introduce over 100 models during the next eight weeks, and plans to introduce models for new cameras within 30 days of the camera's introduction. Pop-Up Shades are made with hard impact plastic that snaps shut over the camera's LCD screen. They are designed specifically for every individual camera model. Every Pop-Up shade snaps into place with the flick of a finger to shade the screen from bright light.

Most cameras come with some kind of protective cap, which is often quickly lost because it must be removed to see the camera's LCD. Since most LCD screens are not glass, they are especially vulnerable to scratches or impact force. When closed, the Pop-Up Shade keeps the screen safe from scratches, dirt, spills, oil from the photographer's hands, and the kind of knocks a camera receives in a camera bag or purse.

Installation is easy. The eFilm Pop-Up Shade from Delkin Devices clicks into place on most top-of-the-line professional digital SLR models, often exactly the same way the OEM guard attaches. The MSRP on the Professional models is $44.99. Less expensive snap on and stick on versions for entry level DSLRs are available from $29.99 to $34.99. Delkin also offers stick on Pop-Up Shades with an MSRP of just $24.99 for many popular point and shoot cameras.

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