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Image Toning
Convert to BW also includes a feature that allows the photographer to realistically simulate traditional wet process image toning. Although somewhat misnamed, the Sepia tab enables not only sepia toning, but supports the full spectrum of color toning in an infinite range of saturation and brightness values. You can experiment with traditional sepia-toning effects, which are particularly effective on still life scenes, or you can easily simulate traditional selenium toning, brown toning, blue toning, etc. By adjusting the Saturation slider, the degree of toning is adjusted, simulating the range from a quick toning bath to nuking the print in toner. This same feature can be used more subtly to simulate the various shades of photographic paper, like warm- and cool-biased printing papers. Simply lower the toning Saturation slider to the low end while adjusting the Hue slider and you can easily simulate your favorite darkroom paper.

All the controls have the ability to save the parameters as presets, enabling you to retrieve a specific setup in a future editing session. This really makes Convert to BW Pro 3.0 an efficient and versatile tool for photographers converting their color photographs to monochromatic images.

The Sepia tab enables creative image toning using any color desired.

Really dramatic landscape conversions are possible with creative use of the Prefilter and Color Response tabs.

A strong blue tone with increased contrast was used to give a cool, moody feel to this image.

The Imaging Factory offers a 30-day free trial of Convert to BW Pro 3.0 by visiting their website at: Both Mac OS X and Windows XP versions are available. A fully licensed copy can be purchased online for $99.95.