Brifely describe how you might use GPS in your digital camera.

Brifely describe how you might use GPS in your digital camera.
Yes, it sounds like fun.
32% (40 votes)
No, I don't need that kind of feature.
28% (35 votes)
Maybe, but I have to see how it works.
40% (51 votes)
Total votes: 126

Harry E.  Guzniczak's picture

Keep camera design as simple as possible....concentrate on the features that are needed to create a good picture.

Jeff Corber's picture

In case of theft, I could track down my camera. Aside from that it wouldn't really help unless I was lost in a nature shoot.

Greg's picture

Just can not see the necessity of having GPS in your camera. Maybe the upper end, but more to know and understand where they are and not for finding locations.

Taylor S.'s picture

It would be cool but only as an add-on feature I would not want to have to pay for somthing that I may use once because I got lost once in that one place.

Rich Bewick's picture

In order to get to a location to take newer shots for comparision.

Bill 's picture

You would know exactly where you took the shot. There would be no more looking at the photo and saying, where did we shoot this at?

Edward Nassy's picture

Sounds like a good idea for hikers/nature photographers but outside of that it seems like an expensive novelty item.

Jack's picture

If you don't know where you are when you take a photo, maybe you should not be taking them. Lots of other GPS gadgets are available on the market now. This is just another button to push on your camera.

Jeff Lane's picture

It sounds like a great idea, it would be useful to know the exact location in case you wanted to reshoot or use that particular background again for a future shoot.

Bobby G.'s picture

I could see the use of Wifi if I was a pro, but for regular use, USB connect would be fine.

Greg Strakna's picture

To many extra features in a camera and you start thinking about all the features more than the pictures.