Briefly comment on what criteria you would use to consider upgrading your gear in the coming year.

Briefly comment on what criteria you would use to consider upgrading your gear in the coming year.
A) Yes, photography for me is more than discretionary spending.
39% (129 votes)
B) Maybe, although I will research it carefully and am watching my spending.
54% (180 votes)
C) No, even though I’d like to I’d hold off until the economy improves.
7% (25 votes)
Total votes: 334

Allen's picture

New and improved tech is fun but the equipment purchased years ago still gets the job done. I'll wait until they no longer work for my needs before getting new stuff.

Bob's picture

I want to see independent reviews before buying. Too many makers are rusging camaras to market with way too many flaws/bugs. The Canon 5D Mark II comes immediatly to mind.

A.  Duran's picture

Want increased dynamic range, don't need any more megapixels, want multiple accurate fast focus points and the ability to track moving objects with full frame or 1.3x camera in the $1500.00 price range.

Ed's picture

It really depends on how much improvement for how much cost. A new Phase One 60 MP back for my Mamiya AFD, forget it. It won't help me compose any better. But a larger memory card for the Canon or a unique lens board for the Toyo with a little extra extension, very likely.

Ron McCullah's picture

i would like to find out about the product that I intend to buy. My next major purchase may not be until 2010.

Vurn's picture

I'm not in the photography business and don't have enough income to buy all the equipment I would like to have.

Peter A.  White's picture

My "Yes" vote is entirely dependent upon the phrasing of your question: I will gladly find a way to purchase "a camera, lens, printer, etc" that would dramatically improve my work. I believe professional tutoring or coaching might be the better way to go but one must still have the highest quality tools as well.

James S.  Mattson's picture

I am waiting for a digital SLR with 16-bit color depth and the resolution of film, so that I can confidently make 20 x 30 and 24 x 36 prints.

Robert Santillana's picture

I bought quality equipment to begin with, If it was a quantum leap forward perhaps. My equipment does a great job now.

Richard Baker's picture

I am now at a place in my life where I can afford virtually any photo equipment that I want or need. However, any photo equipment must perform significantly better than my existing equipment, or fill a need that has not previously been met, in order to be considered for purchase. Relatively small, incremental improvements will probably not enable a product to reach a performance level necessary to be considered for purchase.

Bob Snell's picture

Only upgrade my printer if they ever come out with a printer that does good black and white photos. Not the case so far.

Adolfo Zavala's picture

Yes, depending on the price. the features I would like are "the fewer, the better". If it were like the Pentax K1000 in metal built and simplicity. Why not make it with interchangeable sensors; they are the ones that get old quick.

Carol Ann's picture

When I find the bag of my dreams or if Pentax comes out with a body I can't live without. I'm not actively searching.

Michael D.  McGuire's picture

I need tools that help me produce the images I see and/or want to see. I need fewer bells and whistles and more stability and basics - I come from a film background, enjoy digital cameras that give me what I need/want without a lot of additional junk technology that doesn't really relate to making the images I seek.

Ron 's picture

Is this necessary to please my clients, or give me a compeitive edge? The difference must be dramatic!

Robert's picture

Photography is expensive and I have had to cut back due to the economy and a growing family. I want to upgrade carefully and slowly, so anything new is certainly worth consideration.

Rosemary J.  Lambin's picture

I would consider cost, ease of use, how often I would use a product, and how it would work with the gear I already own.

Raili's picture

I wanted to say no because new items usually cost too much, but I changed my opinion to maybe because if it is really something I would like, I would cut some of my other spendings and consider it.

Jurgen Lobert's picture

My answer is A-B. I am not necessarily watching my spending any more than I always did, but I would carefully research and compare (as I always do). And yes, photography is where I don't think too hard about spending.

Joel Katz's picture

Generally speaking , I do not buy anything when it first comes out or makes its debut . In plain English , I do not want to be the guinea pig , especially if I am purchsing a piece of equipment for big dollars .To put it bluntly , I cannot afford to experiment in a case such as this. The piece of equipment should be a winner right out of the starting gate.

M.  Bailey's picture

Most likely more lighting equipment. The best way to help the economy is to add to your photo gear! Support your local camera store.

Bill M.'s picture

Every dollar counts and I need to make sure that each one I invest is invested wisely.

Larry Gibbs's picture

I am always looking for those products and am not afraid to invest for the future. At the same time I feel, there is often too much hype with many new product offerings. The true marvel is how gullible the public can be. New is not necessarily better and in this market, consumers will spend accordingly.

Bob S.'s picture

Just picked up a D-300 last year, would love some new glass but it will have to wait.