Briefly comment on what camera you might have selected as your “pocket” digital image taker.

Briefly comment on what camera you might have selected as your “pocket” digital image taker.
Just carry your DSLR as your main and only camera
18% (30 votes)
Have a second digital camera as a “constant photo companion”
70% (117 votes)
Are still searching for that second camera
13% (21 votes)
Total votes: 168

Blaine's picture

I also have my iPhone and sometimes take quick shots with it to publish on Face Book or Twitter.

Donnie G.'s picture

Although it's not exactly a pocket camera, my trusty, old, Canon Pro-1, digital compact, still delivers very good images at ISOs 100-200, and is used regularly, especially when I want to include myself in the photo. It's swiveling LCD monitor has proven to be one of it's best features over the years. So much so, that the absence of this feature on Canon's otherwise excellent G10 was the deal breaker for me. I will very likely be buying the G11, since it does have the full swing-out LCD and retains the optical viewfinder of the G10, which for me, is the other must have on any camera I own, pocket sized or DSLR.

Billy Payne's picture

On the rare occasion that I can't carry my D200 - I slip a Coolpix in my pocket.

Bob Hall's picture

I want a thin pocket camera to carry in my shirt pocket. But a nice Canon G11 would be really nice. My 5D system is too cumbersome, and too expensive to leave in a parked car.

Ken Porter's picture

I currently have a Panasonic LX3 but the lack of RAW support has me seriously looking. The G11 sounds very promising.

Eddie Wiseman's picture

I would Probably go for a "new" Olympus EP-2. A distant 2nd choice would be a Canon G11.

Sergiu L.'s picture

My wife has a G9 and I process her images as well as mine (5DMark II). I enlarge to print at 13x19 (not larger). In 90% of cases G9 gives images comparable to 5D Mark II.

Handball's picture

Canon has never let me down and has gone the 'extra mile' regarding service so I'm with them for the duration!

Darrell Cox's picture

I bought an Olympus Tough 8000 as a pocket digital. It takes great pictures, (12mp) has lots of features, and is really tough and waterproof. Goes anywhere...Took it to Cancun and used it when snorkeling, and when hiking around the ruin on the Ycatan.

Rowland Williams's picture

Canon s90 purchased 11/20/09. I passed up the G11 because it was too bulky (I already have DSLRs). The s90 has most of the G11's capability + f/2 but in a much smaller package.

Cliff Hjelmer's picture

My present "companion"camera is a Sony DSC-Vi It has a good zoom and there is no need to worry about dust when changing a lens.

John W.  Rivard's picture

I have a Canon G10 and love it! Wish it had slightly lower noise levels at ISO800 and a swivel LCD, but for the quality and versatility these are minor quibbles.

Bob Hulse's picture

Its a G10!

JPS's picture

I carry a Canon Elph 850 at all times.It gives me the quality I need for that "moment" I least expected.

Charlie Badalati's picture

I currently use a Canon G10 but I would rather have a more pocketable S90.

Dave Kohler's picture

Been in photography for 40 yrs. Had a G9, G10, now a G11. It's amazing. I do more with it than my 5dll.

Liz Walters's picture

Canon s90 - much less noise than my G9, tiny but mighty, shoots raw.

George Sass's picture

I am heavily invested (time and money) in shooting RAW and a Nikon workflow using Capture NX2 and PhotoMechanic. I wish Nikon made something as good as the Canon G11. Their P6000 has too many issues (battery life and slow capture) to invest in. Until Nikon makes a Canon G11 killer, I'll carry a D200 with a Tamron 18-270 as my walk-around kit. I save my heavy pro 2.8 lenses for serious shoots.

Dave Kuttler's picture

I like the Fuji compacts and the Sigma with the fovian processor.

Jill's picture

I have had the Canon G11 for more than a month now and find it excellent. I used the G9 and G10 prior to that as my backup and take-anywhere camera. Canon has improved low light shooting (and low noise)as well as improved dynamic range. Hard to beat.

Roger Baldwin's picture

Olympus 1030 goes whenever the D300 doesn't.

Ellen Q.  Dodson's picture

Actually I carry two extra cameras to back up my Nikon D80--a Canon SX110ix and a Nikon P90 (which is awesome!!).

Larry Behrens's picture

I have the Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS3 which takes HD video while zooming. Very satisfied with it so far. Nice LCD screen, very compact and well-built.

Jim Lester's picture

I've seen nothing that beats my Canon SD600 for picture quality. Need fewer pixels (5-6mp are plenty) and more viewfinders. Canon G11 still has too many pixels and too much in-camera noise reduction to give sharp pictures.

Butch Enterline's picture

Actually, my "constant photo companion" is my third camera, a Sony DSC-H20. Very pleased with its ability to step in when the DSLR isn't around.

Bob Diefenbacher's picture

Have had a G5 for years. Now plan to switch to the G11.

Eve's picture

Pocket camera is Panasonic Lumix lx3.

Gene's picture

My little Power Shot SD 700 has been a constant companion for many years. Other than a small crack in the screen it is still functioning 100% and giving me great images.

William Presho's picture

I carry the G10 at all times.

David Hurt's picture

I have the Canon G7 & may purchase the G11 next year, but keeping my G7.