Briefly comment on the metering method that has worked best for you.

Briefly comment on the metering method that has worked best for you.
Use Scene modes often, as they help you solve what could be tricky exposure problems.
17% (21 votes)
Mainly rely on aperture- and shutter-priority exposure modes to get the same image effects of the Scene modes.
50% (61 votes)
Work in manual exposure mode and use spot, center-weighted or Matrix or Evaluative metering patterns, compensating exposure when
32% (39 votes)
Total votes: 121

Jean-Yves Bourdages's picture

I find few ot those scenes mode very valuable and use them to get those important photos and get wonderful results.

Craig's picture

I never use the Scene modes. If a person has an understanding of aperture, shutter speed, and depth of field there is not reason to use the scene modes.

Cathy Nestor's picture

I use a combination of aperture priority program to give me a base to start from, with center spot metering, compensating where needed. I find the preprogrammed scene modes too restricting and not always correct!

Justin's picture

Shooting indoors, I have found the automatic white balance adjustments on the indoor shooting mode to be very helpful.

Eleanore Hilferty's picture

Since I replaced my Canon D60 with a Canon 20D, I no longer use the "scene modes" at all. I always shoot RAW, and that format is not availabel on the 20D as it was on the D60.