Briefly comment on how you see your film useage in the next six months.

Briefly comment on how you see your film useage in the next six months.
I have shot just as much film as I did before
43% (171 votes)
I have shot less film, probably close to the industry figure of 20-30%
19% (74 votes)
I don't shoot film anymore
38% (149 votes)
Total votes: 394

Jeffrey Smith's picture

Still have not converted to digital. Although the equipment costs are less that what I spend in a year on there is an economic reason that will cause me to convert shortly.

Butch Brown's picture

The advantages of digital have led me to abandon film use.

Tom Emerson's picture

I have no plans to switch to digital, rather I will be adding a large-format view camera to my gear.

Ric Cisson's picture

I have actually shot more film, estimate 25% more in 2004 than I did in 2003. Artists are seeking my services for slide film more so than digital. It appears art show jury still working with film and have yet to make the transition to digital.

Robert S.  Solomon's picture

I am increasing my film usage. That is the best way to make sure that film, especially black and white, is still produced.

Charles Bame's picture

I hope to occasionally use my medium and large format film cameras, but I'm sure the bulk of my shooting will be digital. Kind of sad, but true!

Eddie Wiseman's picture

I went totally digital about a year ago..I still have about 25-30 rolls of 35mm film in the freezer..Hopefully my wife will use it up on her Nikon 6006!

Rick Robinson's picture

Sometimes I do miss film. With film, you get permanent (if stored properly) slides or negs. With digital, I doubt that the images will be stored good enough to still be around in 10-20 years. I have Kodachromes from 1976 that look as good as the day I took the shot. Can this be said for digital?

Justin T.  Brown's picture

I have actually shot more film. I started with digital, then discovered auto focus film photography. I now use manual focus film cameras as well.

Cathy's picture

Who knows if today's digital files can be read 10 years from now? But a 35mm neg will remain the mainstay of the industry. I shoot 35mm and have a digital CD made when developed.

Peter Cannon's picture

Film is still superior when it comes to image quality, even when it is digitalized using a quality scanner. We should not be rushing to declare that "film is dead" when both the digital and film mediums are important. There are still many questions regarding digital that need to be answered before we can drop film altogether.

Greggory W.  Morris's picture

I prefer film and I use to love developing and printing when I could. But it costs far too much $$$$ to have, say, two rolls of 36 shots color/slide film developed when only two or three shots are exactly what I need. Also, digital cameras cut down on time tremendously because the images are immediately available. I miss being in a dark room but I am learning to love using Photoshop.

Joseph Cross's picture

I shoot both digital and film. The film is processed for both prints and Kodak photo CDs.

C.  Mikesell's picture

I will stay with film thank you...shoot all weddings with Fuji NPH...very good film...I think some of the camera manufactures could consider a well featured MANUAL focus 35mm with a good speed lens...some low dollar auto focus camera didn't focus fast enough for the average consumer, leaving the prints out of focus...along comes digital and problem in most industries, the industry creats it's own monster..for the everyday consumer, the low dollar digital is fine.......everyone is a pro now with photo-shop..the small to small mid-sized studio is now on their way out because every aunt Mary and uncle Bob has a digital...but you still support them????What is WRONG with that PICTURE..... not eveyone is going to jump on the digital band wagon... "Did Ya Get It All Guys"...just another way to say digital...."if ya didn't get it all guys"....just stick it in photo shop, it will look "pro" when it comes out and no-one will ever know a "PRO" didn't do it.....PHOTOGRAPHERS BEWARE....your customer may be putting out of business with the "D" word......

Robert Warren's picture

I dont see that much better quality in film nowadays vs digital 5mp plus.

Joe O'Rourke's picture

I think as film usage goes down the cost will rise which will have an impact on the industry use of film. I also believe digital sensors will improve to the point that will negate the use of film and of course ad the popularity of digital grows the cost for these devices will go down.

Steve Lockovich's picture

As usual, I received over 100 rolls of film for Christmas. I plan on using those up this year and receving another large supply next Christmas. Last fall I purchased another film camera, a Nikon FM3A to add to my Minolta and Pentax SLRs. I use a digital camera at work and love it for it's utility. I personally do not own a digital camera yet, and have no immediate plans on buying one. I love film and film cameras and my plans are to keep using them.

David Thibodeaux's picture

I shoot black and white film and my film usage has actually increased by at least 20% each of the last two years. I do my own processing and printing. I have absolutely no intention of going to digital for any part of my process. Digital holds no interest for me now and it will not in the future because it is the wet process that I love and enjoy.

Ira Schwartz's picture

I've been shooting only digital for the last 4 years. I now am using my first digital SLR, a Canon 20D

Bob Fann's picture

Although I now have an advanced EVF "prosumer" digital camera that I use for what I admit are snapshots, its limitations -- 28mm "wide" angle and digital noise above ISO 200 -- keep sending me back to film for more serious work. I'm sure there will be a DSLR in my bag in a few years, but I'd like to let the technology mature a little more before that happens. Twelve million really big pixels on a full-frame sensor for under a grand would do it for me.

Chris Pedersen Sr.'s picture

With my digital camera, two things are better than a film camera: the ability to see the picture immediately (and to make any necessary adjustments at that time) and to be able to download at home, select the images I like, and print them at my leisure, making corrections needed for perfect pix.

D.  Ayers's picture

Having been a photographer for over thirty years, I finally traded my two Nikons and a Cannon 35mm plus my Pentex 645 and went fully digital two years ago. I haven't regreted it yet.

Jack's picture

I have not shot film for many years now. My 2.1 megapixel can out shoot my Minolta film camera any day of the week. I have been so disappointed with the results I've had with film. I now own a 5 and an 8 megapixel slr and will never shoot film again. Digital is cheaper and get much better results.

Chris Wittmann's picture

I have 2 analog cameras and doubt I'll ever want to use a digital...I shoot alot of film.....please don't stop making film!!!

David Prindle's picture

Actually, I am shooting more film than ever. Now that my wife and I are retired, we are doing more traveling, primarily to Europe. I love shooting film. I shot close to 100 rolls of film last year and plan on shooting just as much, if not more, this year. My next camera purchase will undoubtedly be a film SLR.

George Hermann's picture

I have replaced 35mm with digital. However, I'm still shooting medium format on film.

Steve Barber's picture

I am finding that I am interested in shooting more film than I have previously. I will always use my digital camera, but I very much enjoy shooting film. I think that in this fast paced, see it immediately culture that we live in today, shooting film helps me to think more about what I am doing and slows me down a bit which is a good thing.

Stan Nicholls's picture

I use Nikon film equipment and get my processing lab to include a CD with the images saved digitally. I'm looking forward to purchasing the new F6.

Mel Wolpin's picture

At the present time I am shooting nothing but film. I still have many Nikon bodies back to the F & the latest being the F5 and I doubt if anytime soon I'll be going digital.Over the years I've aquired over 20 Nikkors so I'm pretty much set in the camera and lens department. My wife has been talking about buying a digital camera but that would have no effect on my film use at least for the near future.

Al Turbeville's picture

Since I bought my Nikon D70 last August have not shot one roll of film. Probably will use film on travel trips but sparingly.