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Best Wedding Photography Site?
From its poetic opening sequence complete with music, which I usually hate but love here, McKay Photography's site (www.mckayphotog is a model of elegance and style. After the first few notes and images, I felt like running to their studio to get my portrait made. As you can see by their own portrait, made by 8-year-old Taylor McKay, David and Charlene McKay look like nice people, but you also get to see David at work making a portrait. But these guys are not just wedding photographers. The images found in their Portraiture gallery are timeless classics of (mostly) monochrome images that fly in the face of the trend toward wham-bam color wedding photography. I've never seen better family portraits anywhere. These guys are artists whether photographing a small baby or an older couple. Prices for their portrait and wedding services are shown, as well as a section showing how their portraits are displayed in their clients' homes. As blown away as I was by their portraits, I was not prepared for their wedding photography. Like their portrait images, all of the mostly color images are real, fresh, and contemporary. Simply breathtaking.

From its poetic opening sequence, complete with music, McKay Photography's website is a model of elegance and style both in its design and quality of the photographs on display.
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Flash And The Web
Jerry Avenaim's site was designed by GreatExposures ( and is a wonderful example of how Flash communicates with viewers. "Africa" ( is a tone poem in words and photographs designed to inspire and demonstrate the strength of music and images to communicate in ways more powerful than any single element. Magnus Karlsson, the creator, calls it a "non-commercial movie," but my wife was moved to tears upon watching it the first time.

My own websites have been re-designed to use Flash. Visit and to see what designer Brian Ellis has produced. Go to The WideGroup ( to see a truly amazing website featuring quirky humor and clever design, and take time to visit for information about this "prophet of the electronic age."