Award-Winning Peter McKinnon Reveals His Secrets for Making a Great Time-Lapse (VIDEO)

We frequently post great time-lapse videos, and readers often ask about the best way to embark on one of these projects themselves. In the helpful video tutorial below, award-winning Canadian photographer/videographer Peter McKinnon reveals everything you need to know to make a great time-lapse.

McKinnon says his goal is to make photos and videos that “mean something,” and he’s an expert at visual storytelling with everything he does. The workflow he describes in this tutorial will help you get the best quality from your future time-lapse projects.

You can view more of McKinnon’s work on his website and YouTube channel, and be sure to check out another of his tutorials we posted, describing eight clever camera hacks to help you shoot like a pro. Earlier this week we shared a unique time-lapse shot in Minsk, Belarus, that’s definitely worth a look.

Via ISO 1200

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