5 Reasons Why the Nikon D500 DSLR Is Still Worth Buying Today

The Nikon D500 is nearly three years old now and this APS-C sensor (aka crop sensor) based DSLR has been eclipsed by many other cameras, including several mirrorless models, in both features and price.

Mattias Burling is a photographer who likes to “second looks” at cameras that are just a few years old, to reevaluate whether they still hold up today. In the below video, Burling offers up five reasons he thinks you should consider buying the Nikon D500 now (if you don’t already own one).

Burling says the D500 is the camera that caused him to switch back from mirrorless (he had been using a Panasonic GH3) to DSLRs.  

“My first ‘5 Reasons’ video ever was on switching to mirrorless,” he explains. “This one is about switching back to a DSLR. And not just any DSLR. A serious, crazy bang for the buck image making monster.”

Here are Burling’s reasons for choosing the 20MP Nikon D500 DSLR over mirrorless:

#1 Good Grip and Handling

#2 Optical Viewfinder

#3 Fast AF

#4 Solid Battery Life

#5 The Feeling

Watch more videos by Burling on his great YouTube channel. You should also check out our 2016 review of the Nikon D500 (we picked it as one of the best cameras of the year) and these three other classic camera videos:

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