31 Ways to Make Money as a Photographer, According to Sorelle Amore

Photographer Sorelle Amore is here to give you a pep talk. If you thought you can’t make money as a photographer, you are wrong. In fact, as she points out in the below video, there are (at least) 31 ways you can make money as a photographer.

“If you have a reasonable photography level, you can be making money from this craft,” Amore says.  “You just need to be strategic and choose a great niche that you love and enjoy and then build a beautiful strategy around this.”

Most of the 31 types of photography she lists in the video might seem obvious, but it’s worth reinforcing that these are all still viable jobs if you approach them smartly and with passion.

1. Wedding Photography

2. Boudoir Photography

3. Maternity Photography

4. Infant Photography

5. Baby Photography

6. Kids Photography

7. Family Portrait Photography

8. Animal Photography

9. Instagram Photography

10. Concert Photography

11. Festival Photography

12. Nightlife Photography

13. Special Niche Photography

14. Business Photography

15. Real Estate Photography

16. Business Event Photography

17. Selfies

18. Social Media Photography

19. Headshot Photography

20. Editing and Retouching Photography

21. Stock Photography

22. Photography Assistant

23. Event Photography

24. Teaching Photography Online

25. Local Paper Photography

26. Photo Tours and Workshops

27. Selling Prints Online

28. Fashion Photography

29. Product Photography

30. Advertising Photography

31. Paparazzi

“Don't sit on these ideas, don't be a scared photographer,” she adds. “You just have to dive in and give it a go. Start with smaller jobs that don't scare you too much and the stakes aren't too high. Start with the smaller jobs, charging less until you feel you're ready to step up your game and charge more. It's all a learning process but don't sit on your hands forever. Progress is better than perfection.”

Once you watch Amore’s video, check out this excellent hour-long tutorial from yesterday where working pro Jeff Cable tells you everything you need to know to become a successful professional photographer.